Impressive Architecture in Brussels

Impressive Architecture in Brussels

Brussels is in a perfect location for a weekend trip from London due to the brilliant transport link of the Eurostar. This city however is often overlooked by some as dull and boring. During my recent weekend visit, I went with no high expectation and was pleasantly surprised (well mostly) and found so much to do, we were running for the train home! I found one of my biggest surprises and highlights of my time in Brussels was the beautiful architecture all around the city. From the Grand Place to the Royal Palace there were so many buildings across the city that had me constantly looking up. To show you just how beautiful they are, here are my favourite photos of the buildings in Brussels.

Grand Place

This impressive square looked even more impressive in real life, with intricate detail on every building and so many green statues and gold decoration. Come day or night this place is dazzling and despite being continually packed with tourists they don’t seem to distract from looking up at these gorgeous buildings.

photos of the buildings in Brusselsphotos of the buildings in Brussels photos of the buildings in Brussels photos of the buildings in Brussels photos of buildings in Brussels photos of buildings in BrusselsIMG_9632 COPYimpressive architecture in brussels impressive architecture in brusselsIMG_9881 EDIT 2

Royal Palace and Around

The Royal Place confused me, due to a road running directly outside – there was me thinking it was like Buckingham Palace in London and wandering into the middle of the road. The palace however was worth nearly being run over, again these buildings were a similar style to the Grand Place ones. The view over the city from the Palace was also impressive.

photos of buildings in Brussels impressive architecture in brusselsphotos of buildings in Brussels impressive architecture in brussels

Sablon Square

Sablon Square was much smaller in comparison with the Grand Place however it felt very cute and quaint. The architecture had a very different feel in this area, with different coloured buildings and awnings over lots of shops, the church was also extremely impressive.

impressive architecture in brussels photos of buildings in Brussels

photos of the buildings in brussels

Palace of Justice

These two photos were the only few I could snap of this building due to the on going renovations most of the building was covered in scaffolding. I would love to go back one day when the work finally finishes, this building felt like the most powerful in the city.

impressive architecture in brussels impressive architecture in brussels

Triumphal Arch in Cinquantenaire Park

This arch was designed in tribute to the Arc du Triumph in Paris; it sits centre stage in on of Brussels huge parks and looks amazing from all angles. Unfortunately no matter what angle I took a photo on, I just couldn’t capture how huge it actually is!

impressive architecture in brussels impressive architecture in brussels impressive architecture in brussels


This sculpture is very different to any of the other architecture in Brussels but still worth a mention. Impressive from far away and up close this modern sculpture is now also a huge tourist attraction with a viewing platform inside.

impressive architecture in brussels




  1. 4th December 2014 / 1:42 pm

    I love how they have an “Old England” there 🙂

    It is true that the main square is very striking and a real delight for picture takers.

    I only visited Brussels once and that was whilst I was back packing 21 years ago! I must admit that I never gave the city any chance of justice. It was just so expensive then that it scared me away and I took the first train out. I ended up in Antwerp which I fell in love with immediately.

  2. 7th December 2014 / 9:56 pm

    I love these photos Jodie – looking at them makes me stop to realise just how stunning the architecture was out there! I really love the night time photo of Grand Place – it looks so magical, especially considering how little time we had to try and capture it!

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