Instagrammers I’m Following in 2018

Instagrammers I’m Following in 2018

Despite how a lot of people feel about Instagram I still love the platform and have been making a conscious effort to follow new accounts in the last month or so. Of course given the algorithm these people then automatically pop to the top of my feed with their Insta stories and post but it has meant I’ve been able to truly appreciate those that I’ve recently followed. That’s not to say that those I already follow aren’t brilliant too but everyone starting out needs a little love. So today I’m doing just that and sharing some of the awesome (new to me) accounts I’ve been following this year most of them have under 1000 followers too so make sure you give them a follow.

Instagrammers I’m Following in 2018

Blushing Lately

This is one of my favourite new accounts as she lives right on my doorstep in the New Forest. Seeing photos of my local area make me want to go out and explore what’s on my doorstep. The aesthetic of her feed is clear throughout and uses gorgeous sepia colour hues. This feed is packed with everything from countryside views, flowers and those small details

Abi Richards

I’ve been following Abi for a little while now. Her account seems to be going from strength to strength with every post and has been suggested by many others I follow on Instagram. Abi has a pleasing aesthetic to her photos which ooze with colour and that ‘fun’ feeling. She posts anything from interiors, fashion shots and life’s little details.

Nia – The Cardiff Cwtch

Nia’s account is another new one to me and gives the impression that every image is well thought out. Her account is one of the few that despite seeming thought out also seems to show everyday views of her life. She varies between posting shots with her in and shots of things she is seeing.

Katie May

Katie’s account is super new to me but I love her editing style and the dark colours that come through in most of her images. Her grid is full of a range of images but mostly food, landscapes and bullet journalling.

Kirsty Boothway

Kirsty’s account is certainly one to be keeping an eye on. Her account is relatively small but her latest sets of images are beautiful. Her grid is one you want to view as a whole because the images link seamlessly with the previous and tell such a vivid story. You’ll be spying a lot of travel envy on this account I think.

Olivia de Villiers

I love Olivia’s account because I feel it looks like the kind of feed I would have had when travelling in south east Asia (if having a camera phone and Instagram was a thing back in 2013). Each photo brings back so many lovely memories of SE Asia for me as well as being so wonderfully edited with gorgeous colours. I can’t wait to see where she goes next.


You can tell Claudia is an architect to be (as it says in her profile) from just looking at her shots. Most of them show off the gorgeous details of a building or group of buildings. They pick out the details that only someone with a love of architecture would see. Her account is different to your everyday shots seen on Instagram and I love it!


I love Naomi’s feed and the colours she uses in her edits. The tones are very ‘sepia’ inspired and often she uses a filter that makes her photos appear as though they were taken on film. She photographs everything from nature to the details of her everyday life.

Esther Wyse

Esther feed is your typical lifestyle collection that I always look at with lust. She some how manages to make the vastly different topics she photographs all fit together on her grid perfectly. From gorgeous flat lays to outfit snaps Esther’s grid really is full of inspiration and the colour feels similar in every image.


I love Hannah’s gorgeous snaps of landscapes, her composition seems to work so effectively yet appear so simple. Those images that feature something in the foreground still manage to be simple and eye catching. I love the pastel theme that comes through on all the images in this grid.

Abbie Williams

Abbie’s feed is full of snaps that seem like they are from her everyday life yet they fit together perfectly. She shares everything from selfies, to travel snaps and even book suggestions. My favourites have to be her flat lays and food photos – there’s just something about the latter which really pops in her photos.

Nick Dunn

This account is full of gorgeous travel landscapes with beautiful colours and composition. I particularly like the scenes with water where the reflection really makes the photo. Nick certainly has an eye for what to capture in the viewfinder.

Ffion (The Girl With A Compass)

Ffion’s feed is gorgeous and I don’t know how she only has 600 and something followers. Her feed is primarily travel based and shows beautiful pictures of the landscape and city architecture. However, she also knows how to nail a good flat lay too.

Sam & Yass (Mapping Along)

Their account is much bigger than any of the others I’ve mentioned, however, I’ve only recently discovered it and their photos are beautiful! I’m loving their Thai photos for the memories and their editing style is just gorgeous. Not only that but they have great Instagram stories.

And I can’t share an Instagram post without giving a little shoutout to my own account.

Who are you favourite Instagrammers? Link them in the comments below.

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  1. 12th February 2018 / 10:23 am

    As much as Instagram hates me, I’ve got to admit that I am loving the platform at the moment. I always get excited when I spot a gorgeous new IG feed to follow 🙂 Thanks so much for introducing me to some more, m’love! x

  2. Beardan
    27th February 2018 / 12:45 pm

    Thank you Jodie Louise, I do hope you manage to make your trip. Happy planning

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