November Round Up on The Little Backpacker

November Round Up on The Little Backpacker

November has been a busy month with trying to balance my life with university, blogging, working and enjoying my self. The wintery weather has truly set in and I’m counting down the days until my next adventure. The blog had a little makeover this month several pages being redesigned including the home page – although I’m not convinced I’m totally happy with it still – hopefully the other pages make the site easier to navigate for you. I’m still trying to decide what this blog is now I’ve gone back to university but I’m slowly learning it’s okay if I’m not 100% sure. Lets get on to rounding up November…

What I’ve Been Blogging About

Although for most of the month I’ve felt like I have been struggling to fit in uni work and blogging, I have still managed to write a fair few blogs. These are the four most popular post from November, you can also find all my blogs from this month here.

10 reasons you should visit the new forest wtm image 1

25 Things To Do In London This Christmas-3 

Highlight and Lowlights of the Month

This month has flown by, it started with a trip down to The New Forest and is ending in the same way. However the middle has been packed full of busy uni days and even some travel. This month I headed off to Brussels for part two of my #parkinnexpress trip, although I didn’t love it as much as Amsterdam it was still an awesome weekend. I had the company of the lovely Shikha from Why Waste Annual Leave and we throughly enjoy ourselves, so much so, we were running for our train back to London! I also experienced my first WTM back in the first week of the month, dragging Emily from The Cosy Traveller and JP from WhaddupJP around for moral support and to fall in love with every country in the process. Before WTM even kicked off I went to my first London Travel Massive and finally got to meet some of my favourite travel bloggers. I’ve also managed to pack in a fair few shifts of work, completing half of the essays due for the end of term, recording lots of vlogs and planning for my trip next month. Despite how much it sounds like I’ve achieved I’ve also had some stresses with uni work taking over my life, not having enough time for the blog and generally being cross with time for disappearing so fast this month.

Also a big thank you to all my readers as this month I smashed my best views in a day since moving the blog over to self hosting in September, it might only be a small goal and not the most ever views but it came at a time when I was struggling to keep up with my blogging, so was very needed.

Infographic of the Month

338 Mile Driven-3

Snapshots of October


World Travel Market





The New Forest

The New Forest

The New Forest

The New Forest

What I’ve Been Loving this Month


Reclaiming You Future: Home, Hospital or the Morgue – This may seem a really strange blog to share, as in a way it has very little to do with travel. However I just thought Toni’s writing was so powerful and her bravery the publish this post could change some one’s life.

Flora The Explorer: Autumn Indulgence in the English Countryside – Having been bought up in the countryside of England, read this story by Flora was like being taken home for me. Not to mention the beautiful photos throughout the post.

Kirst Over The World: Why You – and me and everyone – Should Embrace Change – Change no matter how big or small in life should be embraced because you never know how much good it might do you and how much you might enjoy your life because of it.

Paper Planes: How Travel Blogging Has Changed the Way I Travel – Until I read this blog I hadn’t even considered the fact it has. It really makes you think about travelling and blogging and travel blogging.


As you may have noticed I’ve become a huge fan of video and making vlogs especially, at the moment I cannot stop watching videos by A Brit and Broad. The quality of the videos are amazing and they are both great on camera. If someone would like to teach me to film like this I would be grateful.

Next Month

December is set to be one of the most exciting months this year. I have plenty of London treats planned to get myself in the festive spirit. Come December 15th I will hand in the last of this term’s essays and have completed my first term as a first year uni student – man there was a time this year when I thought that would never happen. My boyfriend and I will then be jetting off to Iceland and NYC for an epic five day holiday, spending just 24 hours in Iceland before heading to the big apple. I am super excited for this trip and am in the final stages of planning everything. We fly back in to the UK on Christmas Eve and will of course then indulge in lots of family festive fun until the end of the year. As of yet I have NO plans for New Year’s Eve.



  1. 30th November 2014 / 11:02 pm

    Eep, such a great month! I don’t know how you’ve managed to pack so much in, you’re amazing. Here’s to a very exciting December for you 🙂

  2. 3rd December 2014 / 2:30 pm

    Wow, this makes me tired just reading everything you’ve done. I honestly don’t know how you fit it all in! The blog is looking great though and I personally think it’s really nice to include some of your day-to-day life, as well as travel. Bet you can’t wait until your trip – I’m so jealous!

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