Travel Statistics Month 1

Travel Statistics Month 1

12th October – 12th November

Flights Taken: 2
Flight km’s Travelled: 16997

Trains Taken: 0

Buses Taken: 11
Bus km’s Travelled: 2960

New Countries: 1

Amount Spent Overall: $3174.89 Including All Tour Prices Of $1497
N.B (This does not include the flights to Australia or the Greyhound passes as these were purchased before.)

Amount Spent Per a Day (Not INCLUDING Tour Prices): $54

Amount Spent Per a Day (INCLUDING Tour Prices): $102

This month saw us travel from Sydney all the way up to Cairns using the greyhound bus. We stopped in Newcastle to take a day trip to Hunter Valley and drank too much wine. From there we headed to Port Macquarie and went Sea Kayaking as well as seeing my first whale! After our first overnight bus we were in Bryon Bay and spent several nights here enjoying the atmosphere, we also took a day tour to Nimbin with Grasshoppers. It was a short trip to Surfers Paradise where we splashed out and spent a day at the waterpark called Wet ‘ n ‘ Wild. We then left for Brisbane and although it was a cool place on sight were glad to be leaving Surfers. After spending less than 24 hours in Brisbane but falling in love with the place, especially Southbank we were on the move again to Noosa. A quiet little seaside holiday town that was just beautiful with its own national park and a river running in to the smaller parts of town. Next stop was Rainbow Beach and our amazing Fraser Island Tag A Long tour, all too soon that was over and we were on a bus to Agnes Water. Where we spent 24 hours on an island and had two crazy joy rides with a pilot named Bruce. I finally got a surf lesson and despite being battered a bruised afterwards loved it! Our last overnight bus took us up to Airlie Beach where we spent Two days sailing on the New Horizon and got to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, oh and I got scared by the fish! After saying goodbye to more new friends we hit the road to Townsville, and I have to say this is one place that did nothing for me or maybe that was more the hangover but still. Our Last and final stop on the trip was Cairns – we are staying here for 5 nights which will roll us over in to our second month of travelling. Here we have spent a day swimming in waterfalls up on the Atherton Tablelands and then another day exploring the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation Area. That then sums up the whole of our first month travelling – What a month it has been.

What has been my favourite bit?

It’s a close call but I think spending 2 days and 2 nights on the New Horizon boat was my favourite. Seeing the cliché view of the Whitsunday’s was just as amazing as the pictures! We made a great group of friends from the trip and the crew helped to make our time on the boat awesome. The best part of the trip has to be getting to see the Great Barrier Reef and get in a sea full of fish to do so – for me that is much scarier than the thought of jumping out of a plane

The Worst Part?

I don’t think there really has been a worst part to the trip, I mean the overnight buses haven’t been great and if I did it again I wouldn’t stop in Townsville – but the rest has just been better than I imagined.

What is in store next?

The first day of our second month will see us jump out of a plane from 14, 00 ft and then before we leave Cairns on the 14th November we will be getting up super early to see the Total Eclipse – pray for good weather. After that we are flying down to Melbourne and hoping to find a job pretty quickly before the money runs out completely!

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