6 Adventure Holidays to Take this Year

6 adventure holidays to take this year

If you know you want to head off on an adventure this year but your friends just want a relaxing beach break and you don’t really fancy going alone, then this post is for you. 

I’ve backpacked solo in many different countries but sometimes you just want some company. Maybe you’d rather not travel in that country alone or the adventure holiday you have in mind would be better with a group. Heading off on a holiday with strangers can be daunting but from the group trips I’ve taken they’ve proven to be some of the best times and resulted in making some of the best friends. 

Today I wanted to share with you six exciting adventures I’ve got my eye on and that would make an awesome adventure holiday this year. All of these trips are by Exodus an adventure holiday company who have been running for over 40 years and are about getting to know the culture, lifestyle and traditions of the country they are exploring. Their guides are local and their groups are small making it a perfect way to experience your first adventure holiday. They have hundreds of trips on offer and all vary in length, price and activity level so I’ll add all of those details below.

Hiking the Inca Trail

This trip has been on my bucket list for the longest time. I know you can see Machu Picchu in a day by taking the train up the mountain but there’s something way more appealing about this hike. Over four days of hiking you’ll get to enjoy the scenery, learn about the history and culture all with a local guide.

As well as the trek you’ll also have free days in Cuzco to explore the city and get yourself acclimatized with the altitude before your hike begins. If you’re thinking you want to head off on this trip then don’t delay as you’ll need to get your Inca Trail permit several months in advance as they sell out quickly.

Tour price: £2000 including flights from London, several meals, accommodation and activities.
Activity level: Moderate
Length: 11 days

6 adventure holidays to take this year

Borneo Wildlife Discovery

Another one that has been a long standing wish of mine is to head to Malaysia to see orangutans. These creatures are so adorable but also incredibly endangered so being able to see them in a more natural habitat would just be amazing, not to mention the beautiful scenery and other wildlife around.

During this trip you would get to visit national parks, go hiking, take a river cruise and of course visit an orangutan sanctuary. You’ll do all of this across several locations and get to see a good portion of this area of Borneo.

Trip cost: £3499 including flights from London, all accommodation, lots of meals and activities.
Activity level: Easy to Moderate
Length: 17 days

Northern India Discovery

India is a country high on my wishlist this year due to living only a few hours from there but it’s also a country I’d feel much happier taking a tour in, especially if I was traveling alone. I know many people who have done a fabulous job of getting themselves around this country but if you’ve only got a short time to fit everything in this northern adventure would be perfect.

It takes in so many of the highlights you’d want to see in the north including Jaipur, Taj Mahal, the Ganges and Delhi. It mixes free time with guided activities and even throws in an overnight train ride so you’ll feel like you’ve been able to experience the local life a little more.

Trip cost: £1459 including flights from London, accommodation, activities and some meals
Activity Level: Easy
Length: 10 days

Morocco Highlights

Okay, I admit all of these trips are pretty high on my bucket list. Morocco is a country I’ve been craving to visit for a long time but I’ve never been able to decide where to go. This trip would take in so many of the amazing spots in this northern Africa country that you should feel like you’ve really ‘seen’ the country.

During this trip you’d visit Marrakech, Fez, Atlas Mountains and of course the Sahara Desert. It would again be a mix of free time and organized activities with a local guide. My favourite part of this tour has to be the night camping in the Sahara Desert.

Trip costs: £999 including flights from London, all accommodation, activities and some meals.
Activity Level: Easy
Length: 15 days

Hiking the Amalfi Coast

Walking holidays in the UK only bring back awful memories of completing my Duke of Edinburgh in the pouring rain whilst lost in the middle of the New Forest. However, a walking holiday in Italy around the gorgeous Amalfi Coast especially in the summer sounds quite the opposite.

This trip takes in so many of the iconic spots in this area and is a mix of driving and walking making it not too strenuous for the whole holiday. This is certainly a trip that will provided plenty of opportunities for taking photos of the beautiful views.

Trip Costs: £999 including accommodation, flights from London, some meals and activities
Activity Level: Moderate
Length: 8 days

And I’m going all out adventure for my last suggestion just because I think everybody wishes for a crazy adventure like this.

Antarctic Explorer

This trip is probably on every adventurers wishlist but the one you probably think you’ll never get to. That’s certainly how I feel. This Antarctic of course sounds incredible, starting from the southern tip on Argentina you’ll get on a boat and head further south to explore this pristine land.

It involves crossing the Drake Passage and exploring the South Shetland Islands with the opportunity to potentially see a humpback whale splashing or penguins lounging around. Of course the scenery will be a huge draw too as long as you can keep yourself warm enough.

Trip Costs: £6700 excluding flights but including all meals, accommodation and activities
Activity Level: Easy
Length: 10 days

Is there an adventure holiday that takes your fancy for the year?

This post is in collaboration with Exodus.com but my love for each trip is genuine.

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  1. 16th January 2019 / 2:24 pm

    I absolutely love all of these suggestions! I’ve always wander to explore Machu Picchu, so The Inka Trail tour sounds right up my alley! All I need to do is save up some money, haha 🙂 x

    -Leta | http://www.thenerdyme.com

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