Cities I’d Like to Return to

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Do you ever spend a few days in a city and it just never feels like enough? Or do you fall so in love with a city you are just always longing to go back? I feel like this is me constantly, I’ve even started to miss London now that I’m not within easy reach of the city. 

I always find it hard booking a return trip to places because I always want to see more of the world. Returning to Athens this summer was one of the first cities that I’ve returned to for a holiday but it was so nice rediscovering parts I loved last time and new areas too. Today I’m sharing a list of cities I’d visit if I booked another return trip. 

Cities I'd like to return to

Cities I’d like to return to


Cities I'd like to return to

Copenhagen is a city we spent a few days in during December a few years back and I really fell in love with the city. The hygge feeling, the magic of Tivoli at Christmas, the cute cafes with amazing healthy food, the gorgeous architecture, the list could go on and on but I think you get the point. It is still one of my most favourite cities I’ve visited in Europe. 

Now I’ve only visited the city in winter so I’d quite like to go back in a different season and see how the city differs from winter. But equally I think winter made me love this city so much that I’d happily go back for another December trip too. 


Another European city I just fell instantly in love with was Budapest. We went last year for our ‘mini-moon’ over New Year and it was just such a fun city with a great atmosphere. The architecture and feel of the city felt more Eastern European than I’d experienced before and there were surprises hidden around every corner. 

My favourite part of the city has to be the baths and spending New Year’s Eve in the baths with the locals drinking sweet Hungarian wine was something I’ll never forget. Still our visit was short and there is so much more of the city still to see and experience. I’d especially like to see what the baths are like in summer as I’d imagine it’s a totally different experience. 


Chicago is a city I visited many years ago before I started travelled properly so I feel like I barely scraped the surface and only saw a few parts of the city. These days I’d be more likely to trawl blog posts and Lonely Planet to make sure I ticked off all of the main spots and some of the lesser known ones too. 

From what I remember it was a pretty cool city and one that is easy to enjoy in any season as long as you know how to wrap up for the cold. I’d certain like to catch an NFL game if I was to return. 

Cities I'd like to return to


If there’s ever a far away city I dream of it has to be this Australian gem which we called home for four months during our gap year. It was a city where there is always something going on but as backpackers we could never afford to make the most of it all. 

I’d love to return for a holiday where I can sit in all the gorgeous laneway cafes by day and enjoy all the rooftop bars at night. I’d love to just wander inside the amazing library again and down all the streets that we walked daily when we lived there. 


Cities I'd like to return to

Now Reykjavik is a city that I just never spent enough time in. We were in Iceland for a grand total of 24 hours and during that time we went on a northern lights tour, slept and went to the Blue Lagoon. That left us with very little time in Reykjavik itself and aside from popping out for dinner we saw very little of this gorgeous city. 

I’d love to return to see more of the city, during our trip we were actually only in the city during the dark so it would be nice to see the city in day light for starters. I’d also love to take in that iconic view over all of the colorful buildings and just generally get more of a feel for Iceland itself. 


I don’t feel I can write a list of cities I’d like to return to without including Venice. This is the city we got engaged in and again a city we just never had enough time to scrap more than the surface of. I could spend days just wandering around the gorgeous canals getting lost and having the best time. 

They are museums we didn’t get to, art galleries to enjoy and spots outside of the main city we had to give a miss because of our time limit but I hope to return one day and see more than just the surface. 


And finally, Amsterdam, a city I have now visited three times and yet I still have a longing to return every time I see a photo of this gorgeous city. There is just something about Amsterdam that has me longing to return all the time. It is a city there is so much more to than bikes, ‘coffeeshops’ and the red light district and I think that’s where my love for it comes from. 

On each visit I enjoy a new part of the city that I didn’t know about before and there’s nothing better than discovering awesome places in a city you already love. 

Cities I'd like to return to

What city would you like to return to?

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  1. 17th December 2018 / 12:10 pm

    Copenhagen definitely! I lived there for 6 months in 2016 and fell in love with the city, Haven’t been back since, but really want to see how it changed. Then I would also go back to Venice and Istanbul for the third time and Taiwan, Albania and Romania for the second time. Actually almost all the places that I visited I would love to re-visit,

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