Must Take Day Trips From Dubai

Day trips from Dubai

It would be easy to think that UAE is all fancy hotel resorts and skyscrapers, however, if you get in the car and head out the city there is a lot more to be seen. It’s no secret that Dubai is build on a desert and there are so many ways and places you can head to enjoy life beyond the city. Today, I wanted to share with you some of the must take day trips from Dubai to explore more of what UAE has to offer.

Day trips from Dubai

Day Trips from Dubai

Al Qudra Lakes

Al Qudra Lakes is a pretty quiet affair where you can go for a picnic and relax away from the city without having to drive for hours as this little spot is just 30 minutes out of the city. I’d recommend stocking up on food and drink before heading out as there are no formal facilities at the lakes but there is a service station not far from one of the car parks. The lakes have several parts to it and if you’re anything like us then you’ll just end up at the one you spot the signs to first. They have pretty decent tracks around the lakes so don’t worry if you haven’t got a 4×4 but all the same do be cautious when driving on the sand.

Day trips from Dubai Day trips from Dubai

Al Qudra is also well known for the brilliant cycle track, it leads from just on the outskirts of the city out to the lakes and is a brilliant way to spend a couple of hours early in the morning. It’s possible to rent a bike from the start of the track I believe or you can take your own bike. Just make sure you stock up on water as again the track has no facilities.

Day trips from Dubai  Day trips from Dubai  Day trips from Dubai

Abu Dhabi

When you think of getting out of Dubai, Abu Dhabi is probably you’re first choice and for good reason. You can reach this capital city in just over an hour and it’s home to some pretty popular spots. It also has a completely different vibe to Dubai and is worth checking out just to be able to compare the two.

During a day trip here you could easily cram in several of those popular sights. A visit to The Grand Mosque, is a must! It’s one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever laid eyes on. Then head over to take in the sights of Yas Island including the mall, Ferrari World and water park. And if you’re lucky you might even make it over to the Lourve art gallery which opened in 2017 in yet another beautiful building before heading back to Dubai.

Day trips from Dubai  Day trips from Dubai

Of course you could easily make a weekend trip to Abu Dhabi and if you need some more inspiration then check out this post. If you’re heading back to Dubai after a long day in the city then why not take a stop at the Last Exit food truck park to fuel up.

Day trips from Dubai Day trips from Dubai


This little gem is around 1h 30minutes from Dubai and is a stunning drive for the most part. You’ll leave the city and head into the sand dunes to begin with but after awhile this will quickly turn mountainous and rocky spikes will jut out in all directions.

Once in Hatta there are a few things to pick from. The Wadi Hub where you can mountain bike, stay in a cute eco lodge or take part in one of their many adrenaline pumping activities. The Cultural Village, a place that shows you what the UAE used to be like when it was a small fishing country. The Fort Hotel, the main attraction in town where you can stay for a night of luxury or just grab a pass for the day.

Day trips from Dubai Day trips from Dubai

Finally, the main attraction to Hatta is the dam, a beautiful body of water set among the looming mountains and a gorgeous colour of blue. Here you can rent a boat and enjoy some time on the water, just don’t expect to take a swim as you’re not allowed in the water here.

Day trips from Dubai

Jebel Jais Mountain

So this stop is probably the furthest away from the city being at least a 2 hour drive each way but my what an amazing drive you will have. This wind up the mountain is one of the best roads I’ve ever driven on and the view is just something else. If this is the first place you go to escape Dubai then you’ll probably be mesmerized by the mountains like we were. Once at the top there is the opportunity to take on the world’s longest zip line which runs from mountain peak to mountain peak, you can book your tickets here.

Day trips from Dubai Day trips from Dubai

If the zip line isn’t for you, don’t worry the drive and views alone make heading up here worthwhile. Just be sure to pack plenty of supplies as until you hit the peak there are no facilities except toilets. The top still doesn’t have a wealth of things but you’d be able to grab a drink and a small bite to eat. In a few years I imagine this mountain top will be home to far more.

Day trips from Dubai

Have you been to any of these spots? Or do you have another to add?


Day trips from Dubai Day trips from Dubai


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