A Day in the Life of a Blogger with a Full Time Job

A Day in the Life of a Blogger with a Full Time Job

I wrote the other week about some of the realities of having a full time job as well as running a blog but today I wanted to delve into that subject a little more. I’m always fascinated by how people manage to juggle the two and how that looks in a single day of their life. So today I thought I’d share with you how I manage to fit blogging into my day to day life.

As I said in the post linked above I try not to save all of my blogging work to the weekend because I want to be able to relax, chill and make time for adventures when I’m not at work. Due to this it means my weekdays are a little more packed with blogging tasks.

A Day in the Life of a Blogger with a Full Time Job


It’s Monday which means I’ve got a new blog post coming out this morning. I get up earlier than I ‘have to’ so that I can do a little blog work while I eat my breakfast. Immediately I open up the new blog post that’s just gone live and get to work on promoting it on social media.

I make sure I pin the images I created for the post on my own boards as well as a few group boards. I know you should schedule pins but I’ve not quite worked that one out yet. Then I use buffer to schedule Tweets for the next few days, I use a different caption for each Tweet and a range of photos. I also try to pop in a few other Tweets promoting blogs I’ve read and loved recently. Finally, I create a post for Facebook and schedule that for mid-afternoon, after all I’m in the UAE and no one in the UK will be awake yet.


I’m out the house for work and realised I forgot to promote my new post on Instagram stories so I make a mental note to do this later – I should really make a physical reminder because I’ll probably forget. I spend the car ride to work scrolling through Instagram and catching up on stories.

7am – 5pm

I arrive at work and immediately I switch off from blogging and put my teacher hat on. I also put my phone down and then don’t pick it up to scroll social media until the car ride home from work. My day is super hectic and I literally barely even have time to keep up with work stuff let alone any blogging things.


In the car ride home (I’m lucky to not be driving to and from work at the moment so get a few extra blogging minutes in my day) I scroll Insta a little and then decide on posting a new photo. It takes me ages to decide which photo to post as I haven’t taken many new ones lately and always find it hard to post an old photo. By the time I’ve decided I’m already home and scramble to get the caption written before putting my phone down and forget to engage with other users to help beat the algorithm.


I’ve been for a swim, had dinner and made my lunch for tomorrow meaning that most of the chores are out of the way for the day. I sit down to check Instagram again and remember that I didn’t share my new blog with my followers so I do that first before liking and commenting on other photos. I then check my stats for my blog today and see how well my new post did. Before I finally switch off for the day I decide to write some more for a post I have sitting in drafts hoping that I can get that finished and scheduled later this week.

A Day in the Life of a Blogger with a Full Time Job


It’s been a long day and I’m totally blitzed, I am not an evening person at all so there’s only so late in the day I can blog. I decide I’ve done enough for today and shut my laptop down in favour of watching TV and aimlessly scrolling Instagram and Twitter.

Do you blog around a full time job? What does you’re day look like?


A Day in the Life of a Blogger with a Full Time Job A Day in the Life of a Blogger with a Full Time Job

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  1. 17th October 2018 / 12:05 am

    You’re days sound so jam packed! I hope you are enjoying your new job in Dubai. Trying to juggle my blog with my full time job has not been easy and I honestly wish I could put more time into my blog rather than the 9-5 I have to spend at work, but it is just not possible. I too haven’t mastered the scheduling of pins and have become really lazy about scheduling on twitter! Add to that trying to engage with content and I just feel like I am never getting the whole blogger thing right.
    Lovely post Jodie, thanks for sharing x


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