Bloc Hotel Gatwick Review

Bloc Hotel Gatwick Review

Got excited and booked a super cheap flight only to realise it leaves at 5am? Don’t worry I’ve got your covered. Depending of course on where you live and how you get to the airport, a 5am flight can mean a 1am start which I’m sorry but I’m not down for. Nor am I game for a very expensive taxi bill because public transport does not run at that time. That’s where an airport hotel comes in, or more specifically Bloc Hotel Gatwick.

I’ve stayed at Bloc twice now due to the above, one day I’ll learn to book flights I can get to but until that day there is a hotel right in the terminal of Gatwick that is perfect.

Staying at Bloc could also be an excuse to extend your holiday slightly by staying at the airport the night before the holiday starts. I find that as soon as I arrive at the airport I get excited so this is the perfect way to kick start those holiday feels.

Whatever the reason you need to stay at Gatwick the night before I’d highly recommend Bloc. I’ve also stayed in Yotel but with their slightly smaller rooms and lack of windows I’m afraid Bloc will win every time in my view.

Bloc Hotel Gatwick Review

Bloc Hotel Gatwick review

Bloc is a smart hotel that has several different room options from window less bunk bed rooms to whole suites, making it more affordable if you are just after a cheap room. They all have in room controls using a tablet and each room has a TV. The check in procedure is super quick and to check out you just drop you room key in the box by the lift.

Here are some of my favourite things about Bloc.

Bloc Hotel Gatwick Review Bloc Hotel Gatwick Review


There are a lot of things that I like about Bloc but the main one is that it’s inside the terminal. Once you arrive there is literally no more moving around that needs to be done unless it’s taking the train between the north and south terminal. This means that the next morning you can roll out of bed and head straight to bag drop and check in without any stress. The hotel is located in the South Terminal, super close to the train station and reception is on level 3 literally right next to the security gates.


Unlike many airport hotel rooms Bloc does not skimp on space, there is plenty of space to stand up, move suitcases around and have them stored in the room with you. We had a lot of stuff with us during our last stay as it was the night before I moved to Dubai but it all fitted easily with space to move too. The only area that comprises on space a little is the bathroom as the shower is not separated, kind of like a wet room. As long as your remember to tuck the loo roll back up and wipe the toilet seat before using it next then it doesn’t really cause a problem. The bed is also cleverly pushed up against the wall creating more floor space.

Bloc Hotel Gatwick Review


As a person who is determined to travel as far as possible on a budget discounts are always important. In each room in Bloc is a booklet of discounts ranging from before security to after security offering either money off or 2 for 1 deals. The first time we stayed at Bloc we used the M & S discount to get ourselves a picnic dinner. They also had lounge deals, breakfast deals and much, much more. Bloc also have a VIP club which you can sign up to and this also gains you offers and discounts.

Despite being a small hotel room Bloc feels spacious and stylish, it is perfect for a quick sleep before a flight and the range of rooms help to make this a budget option if you want.

Bloc Hotel Gatwick Review Bloc Hotel Gatwick Review

Have you stayed at Bloc?

This is not a sponsored post I just think Bloc is a great hotel.


Bloc Hotel Gatwick Review - location, discounts and use of space

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