Food You Should Try in Greece

Food You Should Try in Greece

I always find Greek food a little different to western Europe, it’s the place where there starts to be an Middle Eastern feel to it, probably because of it’s closeness to Turkey. The first time we visited Greece we stayed on Kos which is the island closest to Turkey. This time we stay on Mykonos which isn’t as close but the influence was still there. I also noticed the same thing in Skiathos and Skopelos during my stay a few years back.

The other thing I find about food in Greece is that the supermarkets are normally small and not well stocked (compared to the huge ones we get in the UK). This is probably due to the fact they are all small islands and everything has to be shipped over and transported around the island. This makes self catering a little harder than other places.

Today I wanted to share with you the dishes you should try at a restaurant next time your in Greece.

Food You Should Try in Greece


This is my absolute favourite thing, made from real Greek yoghurt and cucumber it makes the most amazing dip. The tzatziki in Greece tastes so much better than anywhere else too. It is typically served on it’s own with pitta (which is frustrating when you don’t eaten gluten) but it’s also perfectly acceptable to have with chips.


This is a traditional Greek dish and is a little like lasagna but instead of being made with pasta it is made with potato and egg plant. Like lasagna it also has a béchamel sauce on top and is typically made with ground or minced meat. This dish isn’t just popular in Greece but also the Middle East and Balkans.

Food You Should Try in Greece


This is the dish I always think of when I think of Greek cuisine. It is similar to gyros below but comes as a kebab stick of meat instead. The kebab is usually made from chicken or pork and often has onions or peppers with it. The dish is then normally served with chips (or fried potato as they call them), pita bread and tzatziki although this isn’t true for all souvlaki dishes

Food You Should Try in Greece


As I mentioned this is similar to above but instead of being a kebab it is lots of chopped up meat which can sometimes be more processed than the kebab (not always true though). It then comes with onion, chips, pita and tzatziki. There is also a wrapped gyros which is where all of the ingredients come wrapped in a flat bread or pita – a great on the go food. The meat can be pork, chicken or lamb.

Food You Should Try in Greece Food You Should Try in Greece

Greek Salad

I can’t list Greek cuisine without mentioning salad. This is the only salad I really know that comes without lettuce and is still filling. It is usually a huge plate featuring onion, green pepper, olives, feta, tomato, cucumber and of course olive oil.

Food You Should Try in Greece

Greek Yoghurt

I’ve briefly mentioned about yoghurt at the top but I have to mention it as it’s own thing too. Yoghurt, honey and fruit is such a staple for breakfast in Greece and they seem to sell it everywhere. Even better is that their yoghurt is made from sheep and goats milk meaning even I can have it!

Food You Should Try in Greece

Freddo Coffee

So I’m kinda cheating putting a drink on here but it’s worth noting just how good Greek coffee is. A freddo coffee is our version of an iced coffee and it tastes bloody amazing. I always opted for a freddo expresso as it came without milk but because of the ice was still a decent size. JP always had a cappuccino freddo which I have to say looked much more the part.

What are your favourite Greek dishes?


food you should try in greece food you should try in greece

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