Twitter Talks You Should Be Taking Part In

Twitter talks you should be taking part in

I keep reading lately that the Twitter community isn’t what it used to be and I have to agree. I used to always strike up a conversation with another travel blogger on Twitter just because we had similar interests. Now all those who I loved and were inspired by seem to have fallen off the face of Twitter or maybe it’s just that I now follow too many people and algorithm messes it up. Whichever it is, Twitter certainly isn’t the same anymore. It’s full of people just trying to push links rather than start a conversation and I have to say I’m guilty of that too.

One way I always feel like the community is still there, is during Twitter talks but again these can be hard to find and then hard to remember when they are. So I’ve done a little research and put together a list of some on my favourite Twitter talks you should be taking part in to boost your community.

Twitter talks you should be taking part in

Twitter Talks You Should Be Taking Part In

Holiday Chat by Ice Lolly Holidays


Ice Lolly are a well known travel company who work closely along side bloggers and influencers. On the second Wednesday of every month, Ice Lolly host a travel chat all about holidays. They have a range of topics from beach destinations to winter fun and each chat is full of holiday inspiration.

Find out more here.

Each chat starts at 8pm GMT.

The Insta Chat by Sara Tasker


Sara Tasker is the creator behind Me and Orla and as many she is known as the Instagram queen. One of the ways she supports people with Instagram is through a monthly chat where she discuss all things Insta with a handful of questions. I love taking part in this chat to hear what others are doing and to find awesome people to follow at the end.

You can find out more about Sara’s Instagram support or the chat.

Her monthly chats start at 8pm GMT on Wednesday.

Twitter talks you should be taking part in

Passion Passport Chat


Passion Passport is another travel chat which aims to inspire you to travel the world. The chat concentrates on a different angle of travel every week and chats are hosted by a variety of travel bloggers. This chat is all about sharing stories and opinions with fellow travellers.

Find out more about past chats or follow their Twitter account ready for the next chat.

Every Wednesday at 2.30pm EST (8.30pm GMT).

Blogosphere Magazine Chat


The Blogosphere Magazine do several things to help foster and engage the blogging community and one of those things is to run a Twitter chat each Sunday. During each chat they cover a different blogging topic and I love that it’s not just travel bloggers but a whole range that take part in this chat. I always find someone new to follow from the chat.

Follow their Twitter account ready for the next chat.

Every Sunday at 8pm GMT.

Which twitter chat is your favourite?


Twitter chats you sould be taking part in

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