#thisweekendiam and Other Weekend Inspiration

#thisweekendiam and Other Weekend Inspiration

A few weeks ago I mentioned about how I had been struggling to find motivation for adventure at home and what I was going to do to change that. Last week, after that glorious sunny weather I realised it wasn’t that I needed to change something. It was just that I needed sunny weather to want to get out and explore. Of course the sunny weather hasn’t stuck around (I’m hoping it will be back soon) but that joy I felt from having a weekend full of adventure is still there. Last weekend all of this got me thinking that I wanted to create something that would help to inspire other people to make the most of adventuring at their weekends. After all for most of us that is the only time we have to head off on a little adventure.

So today I wanted to introduce you to my very own hashtag project for Instagram. If you receive my newsletter then you will have heard about it already and I have briefly mentioned it in my Instagram stories.


This is going to be a hashtag for sharing all of your weekend adventures, whether you are looking forward to something or looking back on something. I’m hoping to use the hashtag as a place to inspire me to get out and explore at the weekend. No matter how big or small the adventure I’d love to see it using the hashtag.

Also after The Insta Chat on Twitter this week, one of the biggest talked about points was finding a hashtag with the right followers to get good engagement and build up a community. This made me feel like now was the perfect time to start up a hashtag project of my own especially as I’ve watched with joy as others hashtag projects have taken off.

I also couldn’t launch this hashtag without giving you guys some inspiration for what to do at your weekends.

#thisweekendiam and Other Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Candy

Claire’s moto is ‘two days, make them count’ and that is exactly what I am aspiring too. Her blog is full of amazing itineraries for weekend breaks across Europe but mostly in the UK. She certainly knows where to find adventure and how to make the most of two days. So if your feeling in a rut it is the place to go.

Some of her favourite posts of mine include:

A weekend at The Fallen Angel Cornwall and that amazing bath tub!

A lakeside weekend at Log House Cabins

10 Ways to rock a Bank Holiday Weekend

As the Sparrow Flies

Sam is a huge advocate of any travel but like many she has a holiday allowance that only allows so many weekdays off. Of course for a traveller this isn’t enough and she makes the most of her weekends too. Sam gave some great tips in the aforementioned post about finding adventure at home but she also writes great itineraries for weekends away across Europe.

Some of her favourite posts of mine include:

An Oslo Winter Break in Photos

5 Things I do on Every City Break

Amsterdam Weekend Guide – brunch, canals and beers

#thisweekendiam and Other Weekend Inspiration

The Travel Hack

The Travel Hack is full of all kinds of travel inspiration but in the last few years Monica and her team have been focusing on ‘weekenders’ and have an amazing array of tips and tricks for weekends away across Europe but including a lot of ideas for the UK. You can see all of her weekender tips here.

Some of her favourite posts of mine include:

2 Days in Glasgow

Spontaneous Weekend in Manchester

Travel Bloggers Guide to Budapest

Pack Your Passport

Beverley is another traveller who finds the only time she has for a proper adventure is at the weekend. She is also a huge fan of city breaks because they tend to be within her price range and offer her a chance to eat brunch and see some street art, two of my favourite things too. Again Beverley has trip ideas from plenty of UK cities as well as cities further afield in Europe.

Some of her favourite posts of mine include:

Ultimate Guide to Berlin Street Art

24 Hours in Manchester

Three Amsterdam Brunch Sports to Visit

Frock Me I’m Famous

I love Hayley’s blog for all kinds of inspiration but one thing she writes about so well is how to have a great staycation weekend. And let’s be honest that is all we can really manage some weekends.

4 Staycations to have in the UK

#thisweekendiam and Other Weekend Inspiration

The Cosy Traveller

Emily is a traveller at heart but she also loves all things comfort and has some great suggestions for adventure when you want to stay close to home and enjoy a cup of tea.

Afternoon Tea Dreams at the Ritz

Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles

Emma is amazing at coming up with an adventure close to home and this is probably helped by her close proximity to destination such as the Lake District and Peak District. Emma gives you so much inspiration to get outdoors on an adventure.

7 Reasons to visit the Lake District


#thisweekendiam and Other Weekend Inspiration #thisweekendiam and Other Weekend Inspiration

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