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Today is the last post in my focus week about our wedding. I have a few odd posts I might share in the coming months as I never shared anything during the planning stages but as the last post I wanted to share memories of our wedding day. This is going to be a much more personal one than the rest of the week has been. It probably won’t be filled with tips or advice but if like me you are nosey then I’m sure you’ll love it.

Our wedding day Our wedding day


I woke up on the morning of the wedding very early, two of my bridesmaids had stayed with me the night before and I crept around not wanting to wake them. At around 7.30am, once the girls had woken our breakfast arrived. Our first job of the morning was to finish the decorations for the reception room as the florist was bringing flowers for us to add.

We crept downstairs in our PJs and the flowers barely took us any time to do. There were a few other tables that still needed to be finish so I left my bridesmaid and parents to sort these out while I headed up stairs for the hairdresser to get started. As I was having my hair and make up done I kept getting texts and calls from my dad and bridesmaid who were doing the final set up of decorations and wanted to check everything was how I wanted it. By this point I remember not being too fussed as long as it was all there.

Our wedding dayOur wedding day Our wedding day Our wedding day

Getting Ready

Our makeup was all finished quickly and as we said goodbye to the makeup artist I remember thinking we still had ages to go before the ceremony. People continued to pop in and out of the room, with more family arriving slowly it was all go around us. Before we knew it, it was time to start getting dressed, thankfully the dress went on without a problem. It just took us several attempts to line the buttons up!

After making sure everything was in place and that I had forgotten one of what seemed like a hundred accessories we headed out of the room. After a quick chat with the registrars, dad and I were prepped on what we’d need to do during the ceremony. It was a this point I decided I would test how difficult it was to pee in a wedding dress. I can confirm it is hard. This also made us late for the ceremony. Sorry JP.

Our wedding day Our wedding day

The Ceremony

We waited by the fireplace as they played my chosen song ‘These Woods by Klara’. Each bridesmaid made there way in and then after a little more waiting dad and I finally entered. The ceremony room seemed packed despite having a small wedding. The aisle had been decorated with lanterns as I’d asked but as soon as we squared up with the space I realised this wasn’t a smart move. Let’s just say our walk down was not graceful…

The ceremony went by without a hitch. Every other wedding I’ve been to the ceremony seems long but ours seemed to go by in a flash. It seemed like barely any time had passed and she was announcing us as husband and wife. Something that did not feel real at the time. We left doing the same ungraceful walk as dad and I had done shortly before.

Our wedding day Our wedding day Our wedding day

Photos and being married

Despite being the middle of winter I could not wait to get outside, the room has been so warm I was actually starting to sweat. We were congratulated by hotel staff and given a glass of mulled wine as we stepped into the crisp air. This is where we stayed for the next few hours, flitting between the outside patio and the inside bar. We spoke to guests, caught up on the different mornings we had had and had our photo taken what felt like a million times. The weather could not have been more perfect for getting the shots and as the sun started to set it created the most beautiful light.

Our wedding day


When no more photos could be taken we headed inside and got ready to start the speeches. We’d chosen to have banquet style tables rather than round ones and it worked so well. From our top table we had the greatest view of friends and family chatting and enjoy themselves. My heart could not have been more full at that point. Speeches went by in a blur, dad came up with an amazing speech from just a few words and numbers as his notes. The best man’s speech did not spare any embarrassment and I think we genuinely laughed from start to finish. JP kept his speech short and sweet and another key part of the day was done.

Our wedding day

Food and dancing

The rest of the day was a blur of food, chatter, laughs and dancing. The Photo Booth was set up while we ate and the sweet table was a massive hit late into the night. The DJ started early in the evening with our first dance, which went nearly without a hitch. I mean I didn’t fall over but my dress did get completely tied up with my shoe. We had a sparkler arch for photos at one point in the evening and then slowly guests started to leave. I spent much of the evening bounding from people to people and then darting to find JP and drag him to the dance floor when one of our songs came one. The evening ended with the remaining guests joining us on the dance floor for the last few songs.

As the music ended and we said goodnight to everyone it was hard to believe the day was over.

Our wedding day

And that’s where I’m going to end this post and the week of wedding posts that have been on the blog this week. Normal travel themed posts will resume on Monday but for now I’d love to hear which post has been your favourite and if you’d like me to write anything else about the wedding.

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  1. 3rd May 2018 / 12:02 pm

    Wow, all of these photos are beautiful so props to your photographer, and you look absolutely stunning and glowing as well!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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