Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me

Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me

Welcome back to wedding week, I hope you’re enjoying the posts so far. I’m sharing something a little different today about how I put my stamp on the wedding. I’m really not a girlie girl so the idea of getting all dulled up in a dress felt slightly scary. Not only that, but I was not keen on the day being about me and being at the centre of everyone’s attention. To help with this scary thought I added some more ‘me’ things in hope to make me feel more relaxed and comfortable on the day. It certainly helped.

Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me

I would probably have gotten married in a multi-coloured dress if I didn’t think my husband would run a mile at the sight of it and my Grandmother scold me. So instead I decided to change the little things. The things that only those looking closely would see.

Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me


Shoes were an obvious choice to change for me, they would easily be hidden and were something I could really adapt to feel like me. I knew if I’d wore a cute pair of white heels I would have felt awkward.

I ended up with two different pairs of shoes. The first I chose were Dr Martens, you can all gasp at this point everyone who knew I had them, did. I’ve been a long time fan of these boots and treated myself to a glittery multicoloured pair for our special day. I knew my dress would hide these so felt I could prance around in these and no one know any different. Once I’d found the boots I set about finding heels that were similar. It took months but thankfully I managed to find a pair that were just as colourful. Just the shoes made me feel so much more comfortable on the day.

Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me


Typically a bride will get a white fur shrug to go over her dress, especially as we were getting married in the winter. I decided this wasn’t me, I’d never wear it again and I’d probably spill something on it before I’d even worn it. I had enough white dress to worry about. Instead I opted for a leopard print jacket to keep me warm. I tried a few different styles on put opted for a lighter print jacket which was slightly cropped. It was worn a lot during our couples photo shoot as it was so cold on the day.

Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me


As I wasn’t dyeing my dress a different colour I decided to dye my veil. Although this was much harder than I’d anticipated as the material does not absorb the colour very well. The final thing ended up being a lot lighter than I was aiming for but it still had that special touch that I wanted. What’s more is that I made the whole thing by hand so it felt more special to me.

Music Choices

Music has always been important to me, growing up I would obsession over songs for months, but it wasn’t the music itself it was always the lyrics that drew me in. When deciding on music to walk down the aisle and for our first dance, I knew the lyrics had to mean something. People tried to tell me that I’d never hear them on the day but I stuck to my guns and chose songs that mattered to me. I also chose songs that were not mainstream, so most people hadn’t heard them before meaning they weren’t over played.

I like that I can play those songs today and still not be bored of them.

Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me


When it came to rings I probably had the exact opposite opinion of most girls. I wanted small, plain and simple. Thankfully JP quizzed me about rings before proposing so I got exactly what I wished for. When it came to choosing wedding rings I was very much the same. All I wanted was a plain silver band to match my engagement ring. The reason for this was because I wanted the inside engraved with the date our of wedding. To me having that personalisation was far better than having diamonds on the outside.

Having the rings I chose means that I’m happy to wear them everyday and am not continuously worrying that I might ruin them.

Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me

And one thing I did that wasn’t me

First Dance

I hate dancing, I can’t keep a beat, I can’t hear a rhyme and I’ve certainly got two left feet. I was all up for not having a first dance but turns out my husband said no to that. But he also said no to standing their swaying to the music like lemons. To be fair he had a good point, I just didn’t want to dance. After months of persuasion we choreographed a dance to our chosen song and then had to remember said dance from October until we saw each other in December. By this time I’d realised how long the train on my dress was and tried to back out.

Thankfully this did not happen, we danced our made up dance, I did not fall over and everyone loved it.

Although there are some things it is important to make sure you feel like yourself about on the day, there are some traditions that are worth continuing with even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone. 

All Photos by Nicki Cooper Photography 


Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me Things I Did to Make the Wedding Feel More Like Me

There is one more instalment of wedding posts for this week and I’ll be sharing the details of our wedding day.

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  1. 5th May 2018 / 6:35 pm

    I’m so with you on the rings! I don’t wear them day to day, so I’d definitely want something small and simple. And I love that leopard print jacket – it goes so well! I would never have thought about wearing something so ‘out there’ compared to usual wedding wear.

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