The Amazing People We Hired for Our Wedding

People we hired for our wedding day

All photos by Nikki Cooper.

Welcome to a week of wedding posts on the blog. I’ve been wanting to share all about our wedding for a while now but wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested. I hope you are and enjoy it. There will be a new post everyday this week sharing a different aspect of the wedding. Yesterday I shared all about how I made our wedding travel themed.

Weddings involve a lot of different people to pull everything together. Typically each person comes from a different area and have possibly never worked together before, that was certainly true for our wedding. However, everything seemed to work out fine and they all got on really well (at least those who had to work together anyway). This is by no means an exhaustive list of people who we paid for their services but it’s a good indicator of the type of people you’ll need for your wedding day.

I would honestly recommend everyone in this list as they did the best possible job I could have imagined and worked so hard for us. Of course I cannot forget the amazing friends and family who helped me with my crazy decoration ventures and were they when I got a quote from yet another florist who didn’t get how much I wasn’t interested in flowers.

People we hired for our wedding day

The Amazing People We Hired for Our Wedding

Nikki Cooper Photography | Website

To me, Nikki was the most important person we hired for our day. Photography is very important to me and having someone I knew would capture the moments of the day perfectly but with out being ‘in your face’ was really important to me. Originally, when I enquired about a photographer I had reached out to Chris Scuffins as I liked his style. However, he was unavailable for the date but happened to be working with Nikki when he got the enquiry, and that’s how I found Nikki.

We actually booked Nikki and her husband for our wedding package and it was a great decision. Having two photographers means we have they same shot but from different angles and so many more unexpected moments got caught because they were both with camera in hand. They worked amazingly hard on the day, were incredibly professional and we just love our photos.

Additionally, to their photography we also booked a Photo Booth that they now offer. It was so much easier having less people to deal with but also meant they were on hand to fix anything. Having a Photo Booth was also SO MUCH FUN.

People we hired for our wedding day People we hired for our wedding day

Ben Radley Wedding Films | Website

Ben was another really key part of our wedding although we only actually booked him 4 months out. I knew him from school and when I showed JP some of his wedding videos he made me message him immediately. Luckily for us he was free on our wedding date and a package was booked. I was a little apprehensive about having 2 photographers and a videographer but it worked perfectly and the 3 of them seemed to get on really well.

Just like the other two, Ben was so professional on the day and was totally hidden in the background throughout. His footage and the final videos we received are incredible, he has captured moments that both of us missed or had forgotten about. It’s also super nice to have a full copy of ceremony and speeches, so we can continue to laugh at the moments.

People we hired for our wedding day

Creative Cakes by Nicki | Website

Nicki did an amazing job with the cake especially as I asked for a gluten and dairy free layer and a Christmas cake layer. My request were certainly varied but it worked perfectly. We went for a naked cake style as I’d seen lots of photos of these kind of cakes and I think you’ll agree that it looks fantastic especially with the flowers and fruit.

People we hired for our wedding day People we hired for our wedding day

Dawn’s Flower Box | Website

I probably had the biggest problem finding flowers out of every other vendor. I wasn’t really fussed about flowers and I can’t tell them apart. If I’d been having a summer wedding there was no doubt my bouquet would have been sunflowers but that wasn’t going to work for a winter wedding.

Thankfully as I was about to say no to flowers, I came across Dawn. Just from her website I knew she was going to understand my request immediately and she did. She was happy to put me together a quote that wouldn’t cost the earth and would be more ‘me’. In the end I was so happy with my bouquet and the way the decoration flowers worked out. Although I think the button holes were perhaps my favourite.

People we hired for our wedding day

Sue Tye Seamstress | Website

Sue wasn’t technically part of our wedding day itself but without Sue there would have been no well fitting dress for me to wear on the day. When it came to my wedding dress, I kind of knew what I wanted but also knew how much I didn’t want to spend. Due to this I ended up buying a size 14 dress because it was really cheap (a size 14 is much too big for me btw). I panicked about this decision for weeks until I met Sue.

Thankfully she was able to work magic on my dress and make it not only short enough for my petite frame but also fit around the top too. It’s no exaggeration when I say it was a lot of work for her!

People we hired for our wedding day

Dj Rich by Stylish Entertainment | Website

Much like I was fussy about the photographer, JP was fussy about the DJ having been one himself in previous years. I was at a bit of a loss for finding DJs so searched the Rock my Wedding suppliers list to find Stylish Entertainment. They then help you select from their range of DJs.

Rich did a fantastic job on the night and just let the music play (we really didn’t want someone who would stop to talk on the mic every 10 minutes). The only thing I found strange about this service was we sent Rich a form about our music choices but never actually had contact with him until the day.

People we hired for our wedding day

Bartley Lodge Hotel | Website

Finally, I’m including the venue here, I know technically not someone I hired but it was still something I hired and was the biggest part of the wedding. Once we decided on getting married in the New Forest it didn’t take us long to choose our venue. On first impressions this hotel had it all: long drive up, beautiful outside, gorgeous inside, accessible, not too big and was available on our chosen date. The staff here really put in a lot of effort on the day to make sure everything ran smoothly. The venue itself has two rooms for weddings, the ceremony room which is light, airy and perfectly setup for a vocal point at one end then the main room which in contrast has dark panelled walls, massive windows, a tall fire place and the most beautiful lights. I think you’ll agree it looks even prettier at Christmas.

People we hired for our wedding day

That’s all for this post, check back tomorrow for another new post all about our wedding.


People we hired for our wedding day People we hired for our wedding day

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