How to Find Adventure in Everyday Life

finding adventure in everyday life

In the last six months one thing I’ve become awful at is finding adventure in everyday life. I get to the weekends and I’m so exhausted from my day job that I just want to lounge around in my onesie, catch up on the work I didn’t manage in the week and then I usually have one activity of choice. Typically that’s blogging or running or spending time with family. There never seems to be enough time in the weekend for going on an adventure.

As one of my intentions for 2018, my goal was to solve this. To start finding adventure in my everyday life but so far, 3 months in, I’ve failed. I could list a whole bunch of excuses. I could try and justify my lack of finding adventure but I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to think about the changes I can make so that I can find the time to find adventure.

how to find adventure in everyday life

Making more time in my weekends

Use the daylight hours around work

Admittedly this first one is something that I haven’t been able to do until now because the number of daylight hours in the UK just don’t allow this in the winter. However, now the light has begun to stay for longer I’m hoping to shift those weekend tasks that I need light for to my evenings. Things like going for a run, taking blog photos and going on the occasional Friday night adventures when I tend to be able to leave work earlier than the rest of the week.

Get up early two days a week

One thing that I’m leaving for my weekend is blogging. I always have good intentions to do it in the evening but once I’m home from work and all the necessary things are achieved in the evening I’m too tired to write. So I’m planning to get up earlier two days a week and use that time for writing blogs, scheduling social media and everything else that comes with blogging.

Not bring work home

This is probably one of my most guilty vices. In an attempt to impress in my first year of teaching I tend to use my weekends to clear my to do list so that I can start Monday morning fresh and feeling like I’m doing my best job. In reality this leaves me not feeling so refreshed from my weekend and I’m always craving another day to my weekend because I didn’t get two whole days off work. To combat this I’m going to stay later one night a week to ensure that I can get everything on my to do list completed.

So now that we’ve cleared up how I’m going to find more time in my weekend, I need tips on how to actually find adventure in everyday life. The best way to do this I figured was ask fellow bloggers with a full time job how they manage to find time for adventure in everyday life.

how to find adventure in everyday life - Lyndhurst

How to find adventure in everyday life

Katie MacLeod  | Blog

Make a bucket list

“I make a list of all the things I want to see in the city and if I’m stuck for something to do I go back to the list. The list becomes never-ending though, because I always see something new that looks fun to add.”

Sam Sparrow | Blog

Use local websites, magazines and Facebook groups

“I live near London so it’s easier but I use sites like The Londonist to find quirky fun. For really local stuff I’m a member of two local Facebook groups, I use the local authority magazine and the local paper. Plus I’ve Googled several different local walks I can do from my door.”

how to find adventure in everyday life - Dubai

Maeve | Blog

Go on a local tour eg. a food tour

“Go on a food tour of the local area! One example could be a pub tour (they all do their own specialties!) and when going from place to place, you’ll be exploring the area!” I also think that being around people who are new to the area gives you that exciting buzz like ‘hey, this place I live is actually quite cool’.

Ask for recommendations

“Asking friends and family for tips: if your friends or family have explored your local area, where did they go? What are their local recommendations? Coming from Oxford, everyone tends to recommend the city, but it’s fun to see more of the countryside further out that’s been recommended by family who live near.”

Pick a spot and make a road trip out of it

“Learn about your area’s local history. Pick a spot on google maps and create a mini road trip! For example, I’m not far from the Cotswolds, but haven’t actually explored that far in a long time! I want to pick a town on the map and make for a fun day out.”

Use the National Trust websites for day out ideas

“Often people will advertise their own events that you can get involved in! – apps such as meetup can allow you to meet new people and try new things around your local area, and it’s free. Also National Trust and English heritage websites have great ideas for a day out.”

My own idea

Head out on a photo walk

Heading out with a purpose in mind helps me to get out the house and think about where I want to head. If I’m taking photos of an area abroad I’d search location tags on Instagram for inspiration so there’s no reason I can’t do the same at home and head out on a little adventure.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know any more ideas you have in the comments below.

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