How To Make A Special Trip More Memorable

How To Make A Special Trip More Memorable

I’ve been on a few trips lately where they’ve been booked for a special occasion. I’m not talking like a birthday or anniversary. I’m talking about a trip where JP proposed and subsequent honeymoon(s). These are trips that are extremely special, trips we’ll never take again in our lives even if we do take the aforementioned anniversary trips. Due to this we’ve been spending a little more money on our trips and trying to make them that little bit more special. During these trips a few themes of how we have enhanced them have emerged and I thought I’d share them with you.

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How to make a special trip more memorable

Book better accommodation

An area we tend to not spend much money on normally is accommodation. We are happy with the cheapest Airbnb or hotel that suits our needs. We rarely think about the location in the city as long as we can get around we aren’t fussy. However, accommodation is one thing we’ve been spending a little more on. We’ve been enhancing our trip with a fancy (well more fancy than normal) hotel that has character and has space to chill out in not just sleep in. Of course with upping the hotel game comes first class service, gorgeous interiors and free breakfast.

How To Make A Special Trip More Memorable - Hotel moments Budapest

Our hotel room in Hotel Moments Budapest

Tell the airline what your celebrating

A way to make your flight that little bit nicer is to let the airline know what is special about your trip. JP has found the easiest way to do that is on Twitter. He sent both KLM and British Airways a message before our trips to inform them we have just got engaged and then again to say we had just got married. We received a little message from the crew and some champagne. Of course you can’t guarantee they’ll see the message and act on it but it certainly was nice.

Eat at a fancy restaurant for one of the nights

Typically on a city break we’d choose our restaurant for dinner by stumbling across it and checking out the Lonely Planet guide on the day. However, a way to enhance the experiences on your trip is to research and book a restaurant that has great reviews. This is something I’d typically do if going out for a date night in my home city so I’m not sure why I’ve never done it for trips before. Of course the chosen restaurant is up to you but we’ve found booking somewhere that has incredible food, views and that something extra really makes the trip special.

How To Make A Special Trip More Memorable - Bistro de Venise

Our restaurant in Venice

Take some extra spending money

Of course this option is not always possible but I’d much rather skimp a little at home to ensure we can make the most of these once in a life time trips. Having that little extra to not have to check the prices on the menu before ordering or being able to have a cheeky drink from room service was a nice luxury. As this was something we don’t normally do on a trip it felt that extra bit special.

And one for the girls…

How To Make A Special Trip More Memorable - new outfit in Budapest

Wearing my new hat and boots in Budapest

Buy a new outfit

I am someone who never buys new outfits for travelling. I just grab whatever is in my wardrobe and curse when I get to the other end and have packed all patterns. Yes that has happened more than once. So buying something new to wear on a special trip has been a lovely extra treat for me, especially because I’ve been able to wear it for that fancy dinner I mentioned earlier. This is something I am really focusing on for our upcoming honeymoon to the Maldives inspired by this post by Jayne. I want to be able to look back on our photos of this trip and enjoy what I’m wearing. Plus as every girl knows, if you feel good in your clothes you’ll feel better all round.

How do you try to make a trip more memorable? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. 10th March 2018 / 9:54 am

    1) You’re honeymooning in the Maldives – yay! It’s amazing and 2) Ye,s you totally have to milk the honeymoon for a beach wardrobe update. Wear those just hitched white dresses to the max 😀

    • Jodie Louise
      11th March 2018 / 8:55 pm

      I’ve already ordered several things from ASOS. Definitely going for the milking it thing 🙂

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