Five Winter Fashion Buys for your next City Break

Five Winter Fashion Buys for your next City Break

Most of the time I am someone who would rather spend their money on flights than clothes but occasionally it is nice to have a few fashion buys for the next trip. This is especially true when you are trying to look stylish on your trip. I always find this is so much harder to achieve during winter breaks than summer ones. During the summer you just chuck on a top and skirt or summer dress and your whole outfit is made. However, in the winter you need to layer up and then haul a massive coat on top just to feel remotely warm. Or at least you do in Europe anyway.

I’ve been planning my wardrobe for my next city break (which is currently a surprise for me) and have been grabbing a few things to help that stylish look.


What I’m buying for my next city break

A fluffy turtle neck

I love a good turtle neck top as I’m always someone who is cold. They are a great way of keeping that extra part of skin warm. They are also great for layering during those city breaks, with space for a layer underneath yet thin enough to layer over the top too. This fluffy knit high neck jumper is super soft and cosy meaning that it is perfect for wearing during those cold winter temperatures. It also makes you feel super stylish and the colour is one of my favourites this winter. Not to mention the boots below also match the colour of this top perfectly.

Fluffy knit high neck jumper | River Island £30

A wooly hat with pom pom

This season I feel if you don’t have a pom pom or two on your hat then you are wearing the wrong kind. I’m loving the ones with a two toned theme, where there pom pom and hat are in contrasting colours. A hat is a must have accessory for a city break too. As we all know we lose so much heat from our heads so wearing one is key to keeping warm. Not only that but they are a key accessory to styling any outfit while away. A hat is super easy to fit into your hand luggage and jazzes up any outfit. A hat also hides any bad hair day or an attack from the wind.

My hat Fat Face (sold out) | Similar River Island £18


A knitted skirt

Although I do love my jeans I tend to find in the cold weather they can make my legs sting or after a day of city exploring give me back ache. A great alternative for keeping warm is a knitted skirt teamed with leggings or tights. I’m a huge fan of wooly tights in the winter, think the kind your mum would put you in during your primary school years. This skirt is perfect for walking around with the split up the back and it even has two pockets! The other great thing about a skirt when travelling is that you can dress it down in the day and then dress it up in the evening.

Grey ribbed knit skirt | River Island £22

A blanket scarf

A blanket scarf is another one of those essential accessories when on a winter city break. From being an extra layer on the plane for when they turn the air con on to jazzing up an outfit when it’s feeling a little dull. A pattern scarf is perfect for teaming with the high neck knit above and also looks great with the skirt. I tend to love patterned clothes so when I’m wearing plain patterns I love teaming them with fun accessories. Of course a scarf is essential for those cold cities in the winter when the wind is blowing and you need to cover your face.

My scarf Fat Face | Similar River Island £20

Ankle Boots

I love a pair of ankle boots but have tended to always buy black or brown boots. Mine are now on their third winter and I thought it was about time to update them. Burgundy is one of my favourite colours at the moment and my winter coat is also this colour so I figured these boots would go perfectly. I also find ankle boots are perfect for teaming with jeans, skirts and dresses so they are great when you only have space for one pair of shoes. This pair are super comfy, just what you need for those long days on your feet when exploring a city.

Dark red heeled ankle boots | River Island £40

You can check out more of their knit wear here, trust me there are some great pieces to be found!

Thanks to River Island for sending me the jumper, skirt and boots, all obsessions with burgundy are my own.

What are your essentials for winter city break?


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