Things I Did In My Early Twenties To Afford Travel

Money - how I afforded travel in my early twenties

Something I get asked regularly in person and online is how I have afforded to travel so much in my early twenties, especially being a student for three of them. I’ve written before about all the crazy jobs I took to travel because travelling so much had a lot to do with working my ass off for more hours than any sane person should work. But working wasn’t the only way I afforded travel, everything from my day to day life to my travel style allowed me to take so many trips during that time. Although I don’t tend to do all of the below these days, the early days certainly set me up well for travelling on a budget.

girl holding globe - how I afforded travel in my early twenties

Things I did in my early twenties to afford travel

1 I booked trips months in advance so that I could pay them off in installments

2 I said yes to every hour of overtime knowing that it was more money in my pocket

3 I took trips that were designed for those with small incomes liked Camp America where you earned money while aboard

4 I used the same backpack for more than four years

5 I stayed in the cheapest available accommodation and never worried about looking at reviews

6 I always cooked my meals at home or took a packed lunch to work

departures board in airport - how I afforded travel in my early twenties

7 I never got takeaway

8 I never brought Costa/Starbucks etc.

9 I gave lifts to people to get money for petrol

10 I always drove so I didn’t spend money on alcohol/taxis

11 I only brought new clothes when I absolutely needed them

12 I worked so many hours a day I didn’t have time to spend any money

13 I lived at home for periods of time

14 I rented the cheapest rooms/flats and always kept bills to a minimum

15 I checked the prices of food in the supermarket to make sure there wasn’t a cheaper alternative

16 I’d spend my days off planning my travels so I didn’t feel the need to go out and spend money

17 I didn’t go shopping for fun

travel planning - how I afforded travel in my early twenties

18 I used few beauty products and never tried anything new that I didn’t ‘need’

19 I didn’t have a gym membership

20 When I did have to buy something I looked for discount codes or waited for the sales

21 I travelled to places where the flights were cheap, I never chose a destination before looking at flight prices (unless I paid for it in installments)

22 I never took money out of my savings account unless it was to pay for travelling

23 I’d skip a meal if I had to eat out (this is not the most sensible idea and I do not suggest this one)

24 I’d write down everything I spent money on daily, as soon as you see it written down in front of you, you start spending less

25 I had three different jobs at one point

26 I wore the same clothes for several years

27 I asked for money for my birthday and Christmas

28 I had the cheapest phone contract

Need some more tips for saving money, try these things on your next holiday.


how I afforded travel in my early twenties

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