Five Reasons To Visit The Lake District

Five Reasons To Visit The Lake District

The Lake District is one of those places that everyone has heard of even if they aren’t from the UK. It is a gorgeous area, in the North of England and known for its amazing views and not so amazing weather. We visited before the real tourist season began but there was still plenty to keep us entertained. We quickly learnt why the Lake District is one of those places everyone has heard of. The views are gorgeous, the lifestyle is relaxed, the pubs serve divine food and the towns are quaint and cute. There are so many reasons to visit this part of the UK but here are my top five.

Why you should visit the Lake District

The views

When we booked our trip to the Lake District I had actually wanted to go to Scotland. However, the views in the Lake District were so good that much of the time I thought I was in Scotland. There is something about rising hills, steep valleys and views of nothing but fields that I just love. The Lake District had all of this to offer as well as stunning views across the lakes. It was rare to go somewhere that didn’t involve having your eyes glued to the horizon for the next amazing view. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of viewpoint stops there were along the roads meaning the views passed us by from the driver seat most of the time.

The quaint towns

There is something cute about these northern towns in the Lake District, many of them are full with independent stores and gorgeous shop windows of local products. If there are high street stores then often these are found in gorgeous old buildings which seem to fit with the rest of the town and make you look twice at the fact it is a high street store.

Most of the towns in this area are made up of a street or two and it’s always easy to find a car park space. The cafes are welcoming, the locals are friendly and each town feels like it has its own character. They don’t give me that feeling that so many of the bigger towns in the UK do where I think ‘this town could be anywhere’. These Lake District towns make me believe that that town is the only one of its kind and totally belongs there.

The walks

So you know those views I was talking about above? Well the best way to see them is by a little walking, especially for those super stunning views. There are a wealth of walks around this area suited to all different types of travellers. Most towns have a few walks that start from the town whereas others will need a car to be reached. There are a range of length walks, with some taking less than an hour but others that will keep you entertained for the whole day. The paths are well sign posted and maintained so getting lost should hopefully be unlikely. It would be silly to head to the Lake District without going on at least one walk so be sure to bring those boots and a waterproof coat.

The history

The Lake District has a lot of history but one of the most famous stories is that of the bluebird. The incredible machine that Donald Campbell rode across Lake Coniston until the day of his awful accident which saw him and his machine sink to the bottom of the lake. Fast forward 30 years and the machine was finally been rescued from the bottom of the lake and is now being refurbished using old and new pieces to create a replica of the machine that supported Donald Campbell in all of his crazy record break attempts. Knowing this history as you drive around Lake Coniston it is easy to imagine the bluebird flying along the flat lake as fast as it could.

The friendly people

Everywhere we went we were greeted by friendly and helpful people who’s soul responsibility seemed like it was to ensure you had the best time in their wonderful part of the world. Everyone wanted to help, to give advice, to recommend what to do or where to go and it was certainly a highlight of the trip. Service in every cafe, bar or restaurant was top quality and it felt like they really cared about you.

Have you been to the Lake District? What was your favourite part of the trip?


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