Things I’m Loving Right Now / July Edition (#1)

Things I’m Loving Right Now / July Edition (#1)

Happy Monday everyone! I thought I’d to start the week with a new monthly series about the things I’ve been loving this current month. As many of you may have realised I’ve become awful at blogging regularly and I’m hoping a little structure with posts will help me. This series will be about things I’m currently loving, it could be something as simple as the weather or it might be a product that I’ve bought and fallen in love with.

Let’s dive in to the first edition

July Favourites


I bought this back in June to take camping with me and it was brilliant. It gave me more than ten charges before having to recharge and you can charge two devices at once which is great when you are on the go. I also found it charged my phone as quickly as normal until like many portable charges I’ve used before. The only downside is the weight as being that powerful it needs to be quite heavy but considering I always carry a heavy backpack I didn’t notice the extra weight. I got mine from Amazon for £25.99


I’ve been a fan of wireless headphones for a while now, as someone who always gets tangled up in wires they are perfect (as long as I remember to recharge them). After breaking my first pair I was on the hunt for a decent pair that would cost me the earth but would be comfy. I’d ended up with a JBL pair (I can’t tell you the exact model but they are similar to these). They are literally the best, they are noise cancelling, adjustable and comfy with my glasses which is such a rare find! This model has has the best battery life, I’ve used mine for a few months now and haven’t charged them since I got them.


I finally graduated this month after three years of slogging away at a degree and I couldn’t be happier to now be a fully qualified teacher. Our graduation was held at the Royal Festival Hall in London and it was the perfect way to end my time in the city. Getting to walk out of graduation on to Southbank and then throw our hats in the air was perfect. We had such a fun time taking copious amounts of photos in our gowns and hats. It was so nice to celebrate the occasion with the girls who have been there through every lecture and assignment.


As many of you may know I moved back to my childhood home at the beginning of July and this has meant getting to spend lots of time with friends and family who has previously lived too far away from me to just ‘pop in for a visit‘. Being able to drive round the corner to my best friend’s house after work is such a treat. I’m excited to be able to continue do this for the next year.


Instagram is such a good place to get fashion inspiration and even supermarkets have jumped on board with promoting their clothing through Instagram. So when I saw this gorgeous swimsuit on their feed I knew I had to get it. In recent years I’ve transitioned from someone who thought swimsuits were for kids and ‘proper’ swimmers to someone who’d rather buy a fun swimming costume than a bikini. I also find that the swimsuit and bikini range from Tesco is always ace. I picked up this beauty for under £20 although I’m not sure they have many sizes left now.


I’m off to Dubai this week and have been on a mission to pick up a few items of clothing that are respectful of the culture there. I randomly popped in to Matalan this month and found this simple calf length skirt in store. It will be perfect for teaming with a plain top while out exploring the city. Now all I need to do is actually buy some plain tops before I leave on Thursday. My suitcase currently looks like a mass of patterns and stripes.


As someone who doesn’t eat gluten or dairy, the dessert selection is always terrible. I’ve tried baking my own at home but cheesecake is so time consuming! This month I spotted a new product in the Tesco free from selection in the shape of a berry cheesecake made from coconut milk alternatives. It tastes amazing, which can’t be said for all free form products and means I no longer have to miss out on dessert all the time.  For anyone else interested this is the exact product.

And that ends the first edition of this new feature on my blog. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter I’m @littlebckpacker.

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