33 Things You’ll Only Know if You’re Gluten AND Dairy Intolerant

33 Things You’ll Only Know if You’re Gluten AND Dairy Intolerant

As I’ve mentioned a few times on here, I have been living on a diet free from gluten and dairy for nearly two years. The differences it has made to my body are crazy. I no longer feel ill after every meal and can happily enjoy food again. However, there are certain things about being gluten and dairy intolerant that I find irritating and I don’t think I’ll ever get over being embarrassed about it. So today I’m sharing the things you’ll only know about if you have more than one a food intolerance.

If you also have a free from diet let me know in the comments below which ones you agree with and what you’d add.

33 Things You’ll Only Know if You’re Gluten AND Dairy Intolerant

1. You dread having to eat out or at someone else’s house.

2. You always have snacks in your bag.

3. The only options on the menu are regularly salad or jacket potato.

4. Your food bill is so much more expensive, if you buy anything from the free from range.

5. You always have to skip dessert because there is nothing that caters for your needs (except the odd sorbet).

6. No matter how many times you tell people they will never get it.

7. Even if you have eaten at someone’s house before chances are they will have forgotten the next time you visit.

8. There is gluten in so many more foods than you realise.

9. Shopping takes ten times longer because you have to read the label for everything.

10. You feel embarrassed when you have to explain to others that you are gluten and dairy intolerant and can’t eat something.

11. You’d rather not attend any social events that involve food.

12. When an invite states ‘nibbles included’ you either have to eat before hand or be that irritating person who questions what the ‘nibbles’ will be.

13. Despite how expensive the free from range is, you have to check for what new items they have every time you go to the super market.

14. Cutting out gluten from your diet does not automatically make you lose weight.

15. Gluten free bread is so dry and not worth bothering with except for toast.

16. You will miss pizza more than you’ll ever know – thank goodness for the Goodfella’s gluten free and low lactose pizza.

17. You’ll regularly take a ‘packed lunch’ when your day involves eating at other people’s houses.

18. You will Google the menu of any restaurant you visit about ten times prior to visiting.

19. Trip Advisor will become your best friend for finding gluten and dairy free restaurants.

20. Home baking is so much cheaper than buying ready-made food.

21. But, home baking is so much harder with free from ingredients (I still haven’t mastered free from pastry).

22. Other people will not notice the different between the real thing and free from unless you tell them.

23. You will instantly be able to tell the difference because your taste buds have adapted and gosh does the real thing taste strong and creamy (especially when it comes to dairy).

24. When visiting a foreign country, half your suitcase will be food incase you can’t find anything suitable.

25. The first words you’ll learn in another language will be food intolerance related.

26. You may have to explain to the odd waiter what has gluten/dairy in it.

27. It will feel like a huge success when you stumble upon a place that has a wide range of gluten/dairy free options.

28. You’ll wish you were only intolerant to gluten because it would be so much easier than both. // You’ll wish you were only intolerant to dairy because it would be so much easier than both.

29. People will think eggs are dairy.

30. When the waiter proudly shows you the gluten free menu you’ll have to politely tell him the dishes still include dairy.

31. When flying long haul you won’t be able to select a gluten and dairy free option because it doesn’t exist (or at least not on British Airways).

32. People will offer you fruit as a meal alternative.

33. You will feel like the biggest pain any time someone else has to prepare food for you, even if they say they really don’t mind.

Do you suffer from food intolerances? Do you have anything to add?



  1. 18th July 2017 / 9:06 am

    I read this nodding my head to every single one! I dread any social activities involving food now. I have IBS and follow a modified low-fodmap diet, so for me I can tolerate small amounts of gluten and lactose, but garlic and onions are off the menu. It’s very tricky in a different way, as sourdough bread is normally fine for me or the croutons on salad won’t be enough to upset my stomach but I still want to be shown the GF dessert menu! I think people definitely think the low-fodmap think is a bit faddy and my reaction is always to downplay it because you just don’t want to seem like an inconvenience.
    The important thing is that we’re feeling healthier though! I do have to remind myself that it is all worth it to feel better.
    Lisa x

  2. 18th July 2017 / 2:49 pm

    Ha, wow. Even though I’m only lactose-intolerant I was still nodding along to so many of these. EGGS ARE NOT DAIRY people!! 😀 I agree that preparation in the form of menu reading and snack bringing is absolutely key.

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