Five Running Essentials For Your Next City Break

Five Running Essentials For Your Next City Break

So you have this idea that during your next city break you’re going to keep up with your running routine but what do you need to pack? At home it’s easy, you have your draw full of exercise gear and you pick whatever suits the weather best on the day. But, if you are on holiday you don’t want half your luggage taken up with exercise gear you won’t wear during the day otherwise, especially if you are only travelling with hand luggage. Additionally, if you don’t pack the right stuff you probably won’t even bother to go running at all.

My Top Five Running Essentials

SKINS 3/4 length running tights

These are perfect for travelling because they roll up so small, I’d go as far to say that they roll up as small as a pair of socks. Not only are they small but they are super comfy, fit snugly and come in a gorgeous pattern. I always recommend 3/4 length bottoms when you don’t know exactly what the weather will be like. If it’s a little chilly in the morning then you’ve only got a small amount of your leg on show but equally if it’s hotter than you imagined there is enough skin showing to cool you down. These ones are also pretty stylish meaning you might even wear them out if you plan on hiking or having an active day around the city.

These SKINS compression tights also help to reduce the risk of injury and improve power and performance on your run. Basically they’ll make you feel fantastic and that is exactly how you’ll want to feel on holiday!

SKINS long sleeve active top

This may sound silly suggesting a long sleeve top but trust me on this one. You are most likely to be running first thing in the morning or later in the day on your city break and those are the two points of the day it is likely to get a little chilly. This top is perfect for popping over your sports bra (do not skimp on packing one of them) and heading out in. Not only that but it would double up as a cover up around the pool and beach. Its material is light, it feels soft on the skin and the back hangs down lower than at the front. This top does come up quite large so be sure to order smaller than your normal size.

Asics Running Trainers

The one thing you absolutely cannot skimp on for running on holiday is trainers so I’m afraid you’ll be packing these in your luggage if you’re serious about going for a run. Trust me, I’d never go if I didn’t have the right footwear and you’re only asking for an injury if you run without them. The exception being if you are barefoot on the beach of course. For as long as I can remember now I’ve worn Asics trainers, they give great support, are comfy, come in fun colours and are affordable. They are actually a trainer I would wear sightseeing as well as for exercising in.

Running Belt

If you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb then you’re going to need somewhere to keep your key while running, then there is your phone and possibly a snack depending on your running distance. That is a lot of stuff to keep in your pockets while running. You may be able to squeeze some of that in a phone armband but I’ve found while running in some cities I don’t feel safe having my phone on display on my arm. A running belt is perfect, you can conceal it under you top and pop as many things inside as possible as it expands with its contents. Even better than it is the fact you can then use it while exploring the city if you feel you need to conceal things under your clothes or just don’t have pockets…

Map my Run app

If you didn’t record your run for the whole world to see did it even happen? The social media, phone mad world we live in today means that if we go running on holiday we want to tell everyone else about it so we need to record it. I kinda think all of that is BS but I do swear by Map my Run because once I have finished my run and sync it, I can see a nice map of where I’ve run. Not only that but during the run it’ll keep me updated on my pace and distance perfect if you are training for something and need to be achieving certain distances or pace. If you are just running for the sake of running then this app can be a nice reminder of those holiday runs you have done around the globe.

When running on holiday make sure you have looked at the map before taking off and have a good idea of where you are going and how to get back again. The worse thing to do would be getting lost while out running!


Need more help with fitness while travelling then check out my top tips here.

This post was created in association with SKINS who kindly sent me some of their workout gear to enjoy, however, all obsessions with running are my own. 

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