Cost of a Week in Mexico City

Cost of a Week in Mexico City

Mexico was never going to be a cheap holiday as my flights were the most expensive I’ve bought all year, however, the cost once we arrived really surprised me. Over six days we spend just £132.50 each on food and activities. We did have tickets for Formula 1 so that probably helped to keep our activity costs down but really it was the cost of the food that surprised me. We ate so much food while we were in the city and barely spent anything, what’s more we didn’t try and eat on a budget. So these costs could be even less if you choose to eat more street food for breakfast and dinner too. Of course this city is known for it’s food so be sure to check out a few restaurants.

I was also surprised at the accommodation costs, we didn’t stay in the heart of the historic area but we were close to Roma and within 15 minutes walk of a metro station. I can’t imagine getting a hostel bed for the price of our Airbnb let alone our own private room.

 Here is a break down of the cost before and during our Mexico City trip, I’ve left out the cost of the Formula 1 tickets as this is quite a niche activity and definitely not a budget one.

Cost of a Week in Mexico City

Cost of a Week in Mexico City

Costs Before

Flights £650 return with British Airways

Airbnb £70.50 for 6 nights (£141 in total as shared between two people)

Total: £720.50 for 1 person

Costs in Mexico City for 2 People

Transport $582//£22.15

225 taxi

255 taxi

80 metro

22 train

Breakfast - Cost of a Week in Mexico City

Food $5493//£209.18


274 breakfast and tip

500 big breakfast and tip

350 breakfast and tip

LUNCH $545

70 street food for lunch

200 pizza (at F1)

200 pizza (at F1)

15 tacos

15 pizza

45 tacos and drink

Margarita - Cost of a Week in Mexico City


60 ice lolly

10 sweet snacks

117 hot chocolate and churros

131 hot chocolate and churros

DINNER $2461

461 dinner and beers

600 dinner and tip

600 dinner, drinks, tip

300 burger, fries, drink, tip

500 dinner, drinks, pudding, tip


53 supermarket

64 supermarket

113 supermarket


100 beer and tip

25 coffee

140 beer

270 water

280 beers

canals - Cost of a Week in Mexico City

Activities $885//£33.70

180 torre Latino

700 boat ride

5 telescope at tower

Total for 2 people $6960MXN//£265

Total per a person $3480MXN//£132.50

Total spend for 6 nights in Mexico City per a person $22,400//£853

I hope you find this guide to what we spent in Mexico City helpful for planning your next trip. It is an amazing city and one I would highly recommend adding to your bucket list no matter what your budget is.




1 GBP = 26.25 MXN


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