Podcasts I’ve Been Listening to Recently

Podcasts I’ve Been Listening to Recently

Last summer, you know while I had no laptop and was taking a break from blogging properly, some thing happened. I started listening to Podcasts. I had declared to my boyfriend on multiple times that I wasn’t a podcast person, that I switched off and didn’t learn via audio. But then, while we were in America he and our friend decided to pop on a podcast. Although I found myself falling asleep during said podcast it made me want to try harder with them. It made me realise that they were an amazing source of information and if I listened to podcasts of interest to me then hopefully I wouldn’t be nodding off. Alternatively they could be a good way to send me to sleep…

Thankfully that didn’t happen. And after a little research I found some podcasts on teaching and creativity, two areas I have high interests in. Although I didn’t enjoy every single one, I could see the attraction to podcasts and quickly began searching the internet for ‘must listen’ podcasts. I’ve now been listening to them for several months and have begun to find regular ones I like and some that it is nice to dip in and out of.


Podcasts I’ve Been Listening to Recently


Magic Lessons by Liz Gilbert

This is currently my absolute favourite podcast. I just adore everything about Liz from the tone of her voice, to the relationship she has with her special guests, I will be so sad when I finish the series. Each episode draws me in so much that I have to see it through even if I thought I wasn’t going to get much out of it. I am currently making my way through series two of this podcast and then plan on heading back to series one. Magic Lessons is aimed at anyone creative, particularly if you want to take your passion further or are stuck in a rut.

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Happier by Gretchen Rubin

Confession, I’ve only actually listened to a handful of episodes of this podcast. But during those few podcasts I found I could relate to what they were saying and their advice was ‘real’. Like I could implement it in my own life and what is the point of a podcast about happiness if you can implement what they are saying. Gretchen with the help of her sister Elizabeth explore happiness hacks that will make your life better along side the weekly features of the podcast. This includes when they are completely honest about their lives with the gold star and demerit feature.

Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields

I’ve begun listening to this podcast regularly although I’m not in love with it. Each ‘long’ episode features a lengthy interview with a guest, the interviews are not prescribed and questions come as the conversation flows which I really like. The problem is I’m just not keen on the tone of Jonathan’s voice, I know that is a horrible thing to say but when a podcast is all about the audio the voice is important. A lot of the podcasts I listen to are by Americans and I think it is just a slight culture thing with the way something people come across. Still, there is always something to learn from these interviews and I will continue to listen for these and hope that his voice grows on me as the show continues.

TES – The Education Podcast

This is one for UK teachers. They debate current issues in education, with new content every week. I’ve been listening for a while now in hope that it will help me with my last year of my degree and getting that all important job in September. Their audio does irritate me a little as not all the speakers seem to be set up at the same level but I’ve managed to over look this, especially as their episodes are a manageable 20 minutes long.

podcast I've been listening to recently

Podcasts to dip into

Ted Talks

I love that you can get a selection of Ted Talks as downloadable podcasts. Each ‘genre’ of Ted Talks has its own channel and then the one I listen to most is The Official Ted Talk Guide. This channel has a whole range of talks relating to all kinds of issues. The great thing about Ted Talk podcasts is that you can just enjoy the audio while on the go or watch the video at the same time as listening. I found this option was key when I was first getting into podcasts as I could look at the screen and draw my attention back.

Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond

I kind love anything that is by Cheryl Strayed, she speaks so openly and passionately I could genuinely listen to her all day long, kinda like Liz Gilbert. I only dip in and out of this podcast because not all of the problems they discuss are for me. They use reader questions to lead each podcast and no question is too dark for them – they are for me though. I tend to just listen to the episodes that I can resonate with and that will help me with an area of my life.

The Lively Show by Jess Lively

Again this is a podcast I enjoy but don’t love. Sometimes what Jess and her guest discuss resonates with me and other times quite frankly I’m thinking ‘what the fuck are you talking about’. I think you have to take what doesn’t resonate with you, with a pinch of salt and then appreciate the stuff that does resonate. Still I like how it makes me think and evaluate those ideas that don’t resonate with me. Much like other podcasts I have mentioned it is the guests and the way Jess structures the chats they I really enjoy about her podcast.

Blogtacular by Kat Molesworth

I like the idea of using podcasts to further my skills in certain areas and blogging seemed like a great place to start. This podcast first came to my attention when Monica Scott was a guest on it and have dipped in and out since. I tend to just listen to the ones which features guests whose work inspires me or is of a similar genre to mine. I love the questions and way the interviews are structured to get the most out of every chat for the listener.



Have you listened to any of these? Do you have any other suggestions for me to try?


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