Where and What to Eat in Mexico City

Where and What to Eat in Mexico City

The food in Mexico City is amazing.

Our mission during our stay was to cram in as many delicious meals as possible and this was pretty easy given the price of food in the city. We ate at fancy restaurants and little carts on the side of the street but all of it was delicious in its own way. The majority of the food we ate was Mexican but we did sneak in a few European breakfasts because I couldn’t get my head around eating lunch food for breakfast.

Where and What to Eat in Mexico City

mercado roma - where and what to eat in Mexico City

Where: Roma Market
What: Hot Chocolate & Churros and Burgers

I loved Roma Market. By day it had a laid back vibe where people chatted and ate snacks while at night it was more of a buzzing atmosphere with people enjoying fuller meals and many drinks. We went to El Moro  on more than one occasion to enjoy hot chocolate and churros. The think Spanish hot chocolate was my favourite as it seemed to have less milk but oh my was it rich. I couldn’t get enough of these churros except when we bought too many on the penultimate day, they weren’t too great the following day. Definitely recommend them fresh.

Hot chocolate and Churros cost 120$ pesos 

During an evening trip here we stopped at the Butcher & Sons burger stall on recommendation of Lonely Planet. It was pretty cheap but super delicious. We were very lucky to have got there quite early on as by the time we left there were no spaces at any of the little stalls. I also highly rated the fresh ice lollies at the back of the market on the left for dessert.

550$ pesos would get you 2 burgers, 1 fries, 1 beer, 1 water and a tip


What and Where to Eat in Mexico

Where: Hostería de Santo Domingo
What: Fajitas and Chile en Nogada  

This was the first restaurant we ate at and it kinda set the bar for food. Our meals were delicious, there were people playing musical instruments in the background and a day of the dead alter set up in the entrance. The food portions here are pretty large and the flavours combine together amazingly in the dishes we choose. I also treated myself to a margarita here but there was way too much salt around the rim of the glass!

For 2 main meals, 2 alcoholic drinks and tip we paid 600$ pesos. 

What and Where to Eat in Mexico

Where: Riviera del Sur
What: All the Tacos and Mezcal Margarita

We headed to this place on our last night and throughly enjoyed it. The restaurant was quite empty while we were there (it was a Monday) but the lack of atmosphere didn’t matter. This place was described in Lonely Planet as a old family run business which has expanded in size over the years. They served what I can only describe as tapas tacos. Each dish was small in size but full in flavour. I lost count of how many dishes we tried in the end but each one was delicious.

For a filling amount of tacos, 2 alcoholic drinks each and a tip we paid 600$ pesos

What and Where to Eat in Mexico

Where: Café de Tacuba
What: Enchiladas 

We went here on the night of the day of the dead parade, it was listed in Lonely Planet as a good place to go and it was close to where we found ourselves after escaping the over crowded streets. As we arrived there were people queuing everywhere, it was one of those places where you give your name and number of people and wait to be called. Thankfully the wait wasn’t too long and the food and atmosphere lived up to it. Inside this restaurant there was a buzzing atmosphere and some gorgeous interior design. We had enchiladas and tacos but the former were significantly better and I’d highly recommend them. We also choose a little dessert from the tray.

For 2 main courses, 2 drinks, a dessert and tip we paid 500$ pesos 


What and Where to Eat in Mexico

Where: Crepes and Waffles (Parque Delta)
What: Mexican Crepe and Eggs Benedict

We had breakfast at this place twice as it was just around the corner from our Airbnb. The staff were super friendly and their menu had Mexican and European choices. The first time we went for waffles and eggs Benedict, the second time I opted for a Mexican flavour crepe instead while JP had eggs Benedict again. Genuinely had no idea what I was ordering until it arrived but the flavours were amazing. The sauce on the eggs Benedict was also amazing!

For 2 breakfast dishes, coffee, 2 juices and tip we paid 350$

What and Where to Eat in Mexico

Where: Maison Kayser (Parque Delta)
What: Croissant with egg, cheese and ham and Croque Madame

This very French restaurant felt rather out of place in Mexico City but it was a nice change to the rest of the food we had been eating and despite the price tag I’d highly recommend it. The food was incredible, so full of flavour and beautifully presented. The staff were also so friendly and enjoyed practising their English with us. The restaurant its self was pretty fancy and I kinda felt out of place in my hoodie and jeans but no one seemed to take too much notice. It is also open pretty early for those of you suffer from jet lag and needing some food.

For 2 breakfast meals, 2 hot drinks, 2 juices, a pastry and tip we paid 500$ pesos

Street Food

Where: Luis González Obregón 
What: Quesadilla 

This street in the historical centre was exactly what we needed for a quick on the go lunch. They cook it fresh in front of you while you perch on their plastic red chairs and drink fizzy pop from glass bottles. Although all exchanges were done in Spanish, the staff were friendly and explained all the options they had. Super quick and super tasty. If only this kind of food was less messy to eat in public. I’d highly recommend you have at least one street food lunch while you’re in the city.

We paid 70$ pesos for 2 quesadillas and 2 fizzy drinks

Where: Calzada Obrero Mundial 
What: Tacos

This street was just around the corner from our Airbnb and although we only ate there once we eyed up the food and breathed in the delicious smells of it more than once. We opted for tacos from the many different choices along this street. Again made fresh in front of us and although super messy to eat they were super tasty and filling. Just what we needed before heading to the airport.

We paid 45$ pesos for 2 tacos and 2 fizzy drinks 

Where and what to eat in Mexico City


Unfortunately my gluten and dairy free diet went completely out of the window during our stay here. Thankfully I didn’t suffer from the effects of the food while in the city, I did, however, feel awful after I got back to the UK! Turns out gluten and dairy makes me very lethargic as well as doing bad things to my tummy. I’m not sure how much of what we ate had gluten in as I know a lot of the wraps are corn based instead of wheat based. Most of what we did eat was covered in cheese though. Thankfully most menus were available in English and in the bigger restaurants the staff spoke English.


mexico city

Have you been to Mexico City? What was the best thing you ate?


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  1. 15th January 2017 / 4:03 pm

    There are so many places to eat in Mexico City, but once you find a few favorite spots then your set. I do enjoy a good dinner at Casa de Toño (in front of Parque Delta). Being in Mexico with all that delicious food is bad for any diet 😉

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