Things to do in December

Things to do in December

Can you believe it is the 1st of December today? I definitely can’t, I feel like I blinked and somehow missed November. That being said I am excited for the most festive month of the year. I feel like there are certain things you can do or are more likely to do at this time of year and I’m excited to get started with them.

You could call this post a bucket list of things to do in December, typical of the UK and probably other cold climates. I can’t imagine people doing some of these things with the sun burning down on them, sorry Southern Hemisphere. Of course if you are from there, let me know some alternatives for this list.

things to do in December

Let’s get started.

Things to do in December

ONE: Wear a Christmas jumper – I’ve had mine sat in the wardrobe from the beginning of November and I’m so excited to finally be able to wear it.

TWO: Curl up in front of the fire and watch a movie – TV totally plays the best films at this time of year and I fully plan on making the most of it.

fire - things to do in December

THREE: Go for a long walk in the forest – this is an annual tradition for my family on Boxing Day but I feel like we should do it far more often than that. December is such a beautiful time of year to get outside and enjoy nature.

FOUR: Go to a Christmas Market

I’d love to go to Germany for this but alas not this year. Anyway there are plenty of amazing Christmas markets across the country to enjoy. My favourites are South Bank Market in London and the one in Southampton City Centre.

FIVE: Drink Mulled Wine – This is probably my favourite drink of the festive period and I plan on drinking lots. I’m hoping to be able to make some homemade this year if I still have the spices from my last Christmas in the UK

mulled-wine - things to do in December

SIX: Play a board game – I swear the games only ever come out over Christmas when all the family is over and we need to do something that doesn’t involve the TV. Still I love a good board game and the boyfriend and I have even asked for one for Christmas.

SEVEN: Listen to Christmas Songs – Ok so I have to admit I have already started doing this. But for most people the first of December is when this is an okay thing to do. More and more Radio stations and coffee shops will start playing them too so let’s be honest even if you are bah humbug you won’t be able to escape them.

EIGHT: Eat lots of good food

I’m not going to lie, I’m already excited for Christmas dinner. There is nothing like a proper home cooked roast dinner. There is so much more than just roast dinner around at Christmas and although I might not be able to enjoy the chocolate (because of my silly food intolerances) I’m hoping there will be plenty of other treats to tuck into.

lights - things to do in December

NINE: Enjoy the excessive fairy light displays (be it your own or just looking at your neighbours) – Now I should probably admit I have fairy lights up all year around and love them, so when Christmas rolls around and everywhere has fairy lights it makes me very happy. I just love wondering around when it gets dark and seeing Christmas trees twinkle through the windows.

TEN: Get baking – There is something so much more fun about baking Christmas goodies than any other kind. I’ve taken to baking Christmas themed cookies and I’m hoping to continue that this year!

hot-chocolate - things to do in December baking - things to do in December

ELEVEN: Drink hot chocolate – I have a little bit of a obsession with hot chocolate at the moment, such a good alternative to caffeinated drinks and at this time of year everywhere is selling it! Of course if you don’t have weird food intolerances like me then you can add all of the cream on top but at least we can all enjoy those half melted marshmallows.

TWELVE: Go Ice Skating

December is the time of year when all of the pop up ice rinks appear and by mid January they will disappear so be sure to seize the moment and get on that rink. London has some of the most iconic rinks like outside the Natural History Museum and Somerset House but you don’t just have to make a trip to the capital to enjoy the ice.


THIRTEEN: Go on a photo walk – While you are taking that walk I suggested back at number three be sure to take your camera out and capture some of the gorgeous winter weather sunsets, sunrises and frosty mornings make for some beautiful images, perfect for Instagram.

FOURTEEN: Kiss someone you love (or have the hots for) under the mistletoe – This is the only time of year that the mistletoe will be out and hanging around the house, probably at one of those Christmas parties with too much wine. It is there perfect excuse to get a kiss from someone.

FIFTEEN: Take a city break – Whether that is abroad or at home. December is a great time to travel because the city if dressed for Christmas and the atmosphere is alive with people enjoying their city and having a good time. I have travelled in December for the past several years and I love the excitement that is bubbling at that time of year.

What are your favourite things to do in December? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.




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