Tips for Flying Long Haul

Tips for Flying Long Haul

Before I get into my tips for surviving a long haul flight I want to share with you the above video which details exactly what I pack in my hand luggage for a long haul flight.

Tips for flying long haul


Pack a neck pillow

Ever since I used my first neck pillow on a flight to Oz I have sworn by them. There is no more neck ache or being woken because your head has nothing to lean on. I can have a normal nights sleep on a plane and genuinely believe this is partly because of the pillow. I’m such a fan I have invested in a high quality one from Go Travel and it is really worth it.

Tips for flying long haul

Bring snacks

This is especially important if like me you have food intolerances. Many of the snacks they provide on planes contain gluten or dairy so I’m sure to pack things I know I can eat. Also, I find they don’t bring round snacks when I’m hungry so having my own just saves having to find something. When you are on a plane for a long time I tend to find you either eat a lot through boredom or you get really bored of eating the same food over and over again – especially if your return flight is close to your outgoing flight. My favourite snacks are popcorn, pretzels and dried fruit.

Wear comfy clothes

I always see these people getting on planes in perfect outfits and high heels but they are the least practical thing for flying in, especially at night. Wear clothes you can curl up in and won’t get uncomfortable in. It will help you have a better sleep and generally be more comfy through the long journey you are about to endure. On a day flight I tend to wear a pair of ‘smartish’ clothes on the plane and then change into comfy clothes once we are up in the air. However, on a night flight I always get on the plane wearing what I want to sleep in as more often than not I’m asleep before the seatbelt sign goes off!

tips for flying long haul

Pack a spare set of clothes

This point links very closely to the point above, I hate not having a fresh set of clothes to change into after  a night flight. There is nothing worse than feeling a bit sweaty from the flight so I always change, reapply deodorant and wash my face before we land. Of course packing a spare set of clothes is always a good idea incase that nightmare happens where your suitcase gets lost and as I mentioned about using a packing cube will help to protect those clothes from creases.

Pack toiletries so you can freshen up

Again this links to the point above, but after a long flight I tend to always feel a bit sweaty and gross. I am also normally meeting my boyfriend who I haven’t seen in months so want to feel and smell fresh. Therefore I always pack wet wipes, make up wipes, deodorant, body spray (within size allowance) and make up. Cleaning my face and reapplying make up really helps to make me feel fresher. The aforementioned change of clothes also helps of course.

Tips for flying long haul

Have a bottle for water

I know they can be expensive to buy in the airport and water on the plane is free but that said water always comes in tiny cups. I find this is never enough to keep me hydrated and I’m always grateful I have a bottle of water. Many flights will also be happy to refill your bottle of water and this will save you the countless trips to go and get another cup of water. Alternatively if you really don’t want to spend the money on water in departures, then take an empty bottle through with you and find somewhere to refill it.

Pack lip balm

If you don’t fly long haul often you may have forgotten how much the plane will dry out your lips. Make sure you have a good lip balm in your hand luggage to avoid making them sore. There is nothing worse than being in the air for 12 hours wishing you had some lip balm.

Oh and don’t forget your own headphones, plane ones are always useless.

Have you got any more tips for flying long haul? Leave them in the comments below.



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The Go Travel products were provided to aid with this post but I would still be including them even if I hadn’t of been fortunate to receive them.


  1. 24th June 2016 / 7:12 pm

    Hi Jodie,

    First I’m wondering how heavy that bag is once you’ve stuffed everything into it? 😉

    Second, a production note – when you’re doing videos check your music level against you voice. I found the music a bit too loud here making it hard to hear what you were saying clearly. The music is mean to be background, not the focus, so I suggest dropping the volume a bit. Enjoyed the tips.

    • Jodie Louise
      30th June 2016 / 6:45 pm

      Hi Glen,

      You are right I do like to stuff everything into my hand luggage bag. Thankfully they never check the weight of hand luggage.

      I am aware some people are struggling to hear my over the music, admittedly I didn’t find it an issue but it is easy to miss these things when you are so close to the project. I would love the re-unload it but since my computer has stopped working and I have now lost the original video entirely. Hopefully people will still find it useful from the visuals.

  2. 6th July 2016 / 9:21 pm

    I am flying to Sydney later this year and have already begun to think about how I am going to pass the time. I have never been on a flight that has lasted more than 6 hours. This is really helpful for me.

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