What’s in My Camera Bag for Travelling?

What’s in My Camera Bag for Travelling?

A few years back I posted about what camera equipment I carry around with me when I travel. Although I still have that 550D canon camera body it is no longer my number one choice of camera and I tend to travel with more than a DSLR these days. So I think this update is more than a little over due.

Some of you may know, that during my spare time I do wedding photography and because of this I have spent some time upgrading the gear I use to ensure I can get the best images for those happy couples. This means I have not only invested in a newer camera but I have also gone from the basic-range canon to the mid-range canon, this includes the lens choice as well as the camera body choice. Obviously with such an expensive camera come more risks and me being more protective. That means many of my images are now shot using my iPhone 6s or my Go Pro Hero 3.

What’s in My Camera Bag?

What's In My Camera Bag?

  1. Canon 70D with 18-135mm lens
  2. Go Pro buoyancy aid (cheap from Amazon)
  3. Go Pro Hero 3 white edition
  4. Extendable pole by Veho and tripod mount for Go Pro
  5. Tripod by Veho
  6. Selfie Pole for Go Pro (cheap from Amazon)
  7. iPhone 6s

1. Canon 70D with 18-135mm lens and UV filter

This is my new body and I am so in love with it. I say new like I just got it, I’ve had it nine months now but as I’ve only used it periodically it still feels so new. Part from the obvious additional features that come with upgrading to a mid-range DSLR (more ISO settings, more focus settings, etc.) the two features I love about this camera are the moving screen and the wifi capabilities. Both of these make it a great camera to own as a blogger, oh and the fact the video capabilities are much better is also a plus. I love having wifi to let me transfer over photos immediately and then post onto social media after a quick edit on my phone. This feature stops me from having to take images on my DSLR and my iPhone in order to share the image immediately. The moving screen is a bonus when vlogging and helps take those all important selfies especially when travelling alone.

This might be a bit of a technical and expensive camera for some but basically what I’m saying is, whatever camera you buy, make sure it has wifi and a moving screen!

I chose to buy this 18-135mm lens instead of the standard 18-55mm lens with the body because it meant I could do a lot more with just one lens. The sales assistant recommended that if I wanted to get the best from the camera then the larger lens would allow that. I got so fed up of carrying the 70-300mm lens I used to have that I decided I would see how I got on with a smaller zoom lens. Surprisingly I have never felt like I needed more of a zoom, my camera bag is certainly lighter because of it.

2. Go Pro Buoyancy Aid

I have this purely to stop the Go Pro from ending up at the bottom of a lake or the ocean. I use it whenever I’m using my Go Pro around deep water and where there is a risk that if I drop it, I will lose it.

What's In My Camera Bag?

Go Pro Gear

3. Go Pro Hero 3 White Edition

As a Go Pro goes these days this is pretty basic, I don’t have an LCD screen on the back and it doesn’t shoot 4k. But it is waterproof, windproof, sandproof and can take photos in every kind of situation. Well okay, maybe not in the dark but you know. I use the video and photo capabilities on this equally and many of my YouTube videos have been filmed purely on this little guy. I always feel more discreet filming on this than the DSLR but the audio is not good enough for ‘proper’ vlogging or video making.

4 & 5. Go Pro tripod mount and Veho pole and tripod pack

The Go Pro tripod mount is a must to use these accessories, mine is from Amazon and was pretty cheap (consequently it is now super glued together because I broke it). I would recommend having a few of these in your camera bag.

These Veho accessories are made for the Veho cameras that are very similar to a Go Pro. My dad has one of the K series cameras and it is definitely more value for money than a Go Pro, the quality doesn’t vary much either. Anyway this accessory kit is my new favourite, there is an extendable pole which is good for taking selfies and shots where you want to get some distance from your face, while the tripod extends and provides a solid base for when you don’t want to use your hands. What is even better about this pack, is you can use the two together and attach the pole to the top of the tripod to give you some extra height. The best part is it only costs £15!

my travels 2015 - greece

6. Selfie pole for Go Pro

As you can possibly tell by the picture this pole is rusty and worn. I have it purely for using in the water for those underwater selfies and swimming shots. A lot of this Ilha Grande video was filmed using the pole and without it I wouldn’t have gotten the shots I wanted. The reason I have such a cheap and worn pole is because I don’t want to ruin the nice Veho pole by taking it into the salty sea water. If and when this one breaks I will probably order another cheap one to ruin in the water again.

7. iPhone 6s

I would never have included a phone in my camera listings, that was until I got the iPhone 6s. The photography capabilities on this are not far from that offered by my 550D canon camera. My phone is my first choice if I am in a country where I don’t want to carry around such an expensive DSLR (like Brazil) or those moments where you never expected to need a camera and either don’t have the DSLR or don’t have time to get it out and set up. My phone has secondly become such an important part of my gear because I used the canon app to transfer images over wifi for social media. It also offers the ability to shoot remotely which can be great for those long exposure shots.

So there you have it, everything I regularly use to take photos while I travel. How does your camera gear differ? Is there anything you would suggest I get?


whats in my camera bag for travelling

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