Monthly Catchup: May 2016

Monthly Catchup: May 2016

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The Little Backpacker at the Sky Garden London

This month has been all about London and teaching placement.

As I knew I was moving out of London at the end of this month I decided to dedicate this month to making the most of my time in the city. However, in reality this turned out to be one day trip to the city and a weekend break on the outskirts of London. I’m not sure that counts as making the most of the city but I did manage to cram a lot into that one day trip. I got breakfast at Good Life Eatery, wandered through Chelsea and stopped by Peggy Porchsen Cakes, admired the Alice In Wonderland inspired window displays at Fortnum and Mason, finally went to the Sky Garden and ate gelato from Snowflake in Soho. I’d say I made the most of London in that one day.

The rest of the month has been spent on teaching placement for my degree except for the last few days of the month. Placement finished on the 26th of May, on the 27th I moved out of my London accommodation, on the 28th I photographed a wedding in East Sussex, then finally on the 29th I got back to my parents. I quickly unpacked everything before packing again ready for our family holiday to Portugal today!

The Little Backpacker at the Sky Garden London

What I’ve Been Writing This Month

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What I’ve Been Reading This Month

Girls Who Travel

Girls That Travel by Nicole Trilivas

Any book that’s about travel is my first choice, so deciding to read Girls That Travel was an obvious choice for me. This book covers all those cliche feelings of finding yourself while travelling but the way Nicole tells the story is anything but cliche. The book starts fairly slowly but before long you will find yourself completely drawn into the story, cringing with Kika as she makes those silly mistakes and cheering as finally it looks like something might go right. Fast forward a little and you won’t be able to put the book down, you’ll cry as you think about a travel romance you once had and stay up all night desperate to find out what happens come the end of the book.

Music I’ve Loved

Links I’ve Loved

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21 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Rio de Janeiro


Oh June, I’ve been waiting for you all year. University is complete until September and I finally get to head to Rio for a full three months of being with the boy. To say I’m excited is an understatement. But first, I fly off to Portugal this afternoon for 10 days holiday in the Algarve with my family. This is the first family holiday I’ve taken since I was like 17 so I’m pretty excited to get to spend some quality time with my family and hopefully impress them with my travel planning and booking skills as well as my Portuguese. We have little planned for when we arrive in the Algarve so follow along on social media to see what we get up too.

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