Eating in London: Gluten Free Options

Eating in London: Gluten Free Options

A while ago I posted about the food intolerances I am facing at the moment and the biggest of those was to gluten. This has meant that I have been on the hunt for places in London what serve gluten free food in order to allow me to still enjoy days out in the city without having to bring a packed lunch! Along with my intolerance to gluten is my intolerance to dairy products too. Therefore most of what is described below cover both of these intolerances and are therefore gluten and dairy free. If you have some more options to add to my list I would certainly love to hear about them!

Eating in London: Gluten Free Options

Eating in London: Gluten Free - Robyn Craft Cafe

Robyn Craft Cafe

This cafe is one of my locals and is beginning to be a favourite place of mine. I have always loved the amazing cake they do here but since having to refine my diet to gluten and dairy free I have been able to continue to enjoy many of their cake options here. They have a wide range of gluten and dairy free cupcakes but also biscuits and flapjacks. Additionally to the cake I love the fresh mint tea Robyn Craft Cafe do, made with fresh mint leaves it is so much better than any mint tea bag I have tried.

Visit their website here

Honest Burger

These guys have several branches all over the city of London and seem to be super popular. You will struggle to get a table on a Friday night, or at least your will in their Soho branch. The restaurant is tight and cosy but that just adds to the atmosphere. Honest Burger offers gluten free burger buns with all of their burgers and then it is easy to remove the cheese from any burger of your choice making it gluten and dairy free. It is of course important to check what sauces will come inside your burger just incase you order one that comes with mayo. Even better, is that this place is reasonably priced and going gluten free only adds an extra £1 to your bill.

Visit their website here

Eating in London: Gluten Free - Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum and Mason

Afternoon tea is one of my favourite sweet treats in London and I normally end up eating it and then suffering for days after because I ate something I shouldn’t have. It is a different story at Fortnum and Masons as they offer a full gluten and dairy free menu. The food is beyond delicious and I could not get enough of everything, well maybe except the chocolate cake but then that’s me. What’s more, having this alternative menu doesn’t cost a penny extra. You can read my full write up of my afternoon at Fortnum an Masons.

Visit their website here

Eating in London: Gluten Free - Jamie's Italian

Jamie Oliver Italian

The night before the London Marathon my parents joined me in London and that meant we would be heading out for dinner. Problem was I needed to eat pasta for that last meal before the big day. Finding a restaurant that serves gluten free pasta with dairy free sauce/topping was so much harder than I imagined. I guess it wasn’t helped by the fact I we wanted to eat in Richmond. Still Jamie’s did not disappoint and I had a lovely prawn and tomato based pasta dish. The staff here were super knowledgable about what the ingredients for every dish was and they also serve super yummy fresh mint tea. There are a handful of Jamie’s Italian restaurants over London and even one at Gatwick Airport if you find yourself stuck for something to eat there.

Visit their website here

Eating in London: Gluten Free - Good Life Eatery

Good Life Eatery

I have to say this place probably tops the list purely because of the sheer amount of options they have on offer. Furthermore, these options are not only gluten free but also dairy free which suited me perfectly. I popped in to their branch in Chelsea but they have two more around London all of which offer the same menu. I found the portions to be a little on the small size for the price but I can’t really complain about a place where I could eat most of the menu without having to make special requests. What’s more, these guys do take away or sit in so this is a great place to go whatever your needs. Oh and if that isn’t enough they also have a cookbook to help recreate their goodness at home.

Visit their website here

Eating in London: Gluten Free - Peggy Porschen Cakes

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Unfortunately for me these guys only cater for gluten intolerances as their GF options still contained dairy. However, I wanted to include it on the list to show the wide range of places now catering for those who eat a gluten free diet. Admittedly the options were not those picture perfect cupcakes that Peggy Porschen is famous for but it did include a chocolate brownie so not all is lost.

Visit their website here

Eating in London: Gluten Free - Snowflake

Snowflake Gelato

You’ll be surprised to find out that not all sorbet ice cream is gluten free. Some brands do contain a small amount of flour. Thankfully, snowflake are not one of these brands and all of their sorbet options are of course dairy free too. I was a little disappointed that I only had a choice out of four, however, the kiwi and banana flavour I choose was to die for and I quickly tried to take back my previous thoughts. Again snowflake have several locations over London, on this occasion I visited the one in Soho.

Visit their website here

Places I’ve read good things about but haven’t got around to trying yet: Niche, Beyond Bread, Artisan GF Bakery

I would love to hear of any more suggestions you have, just leave me a comment below.


Eating in London Gluten Free Options

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