Monthly Catch Up: February 2016

Monthly Catch Up: February 2016

February was meant to be the month I really nailed this marathon training, instead I got injured mid month and still can’t go up or down stairs without my knee hurting. Needless to say February has felt like a disappointing month because of this, ending with not being able to take part in the Kingston Half Marathon at the weekend.

The rest of my month has been consumed by university work and the struggles of a long distance relationship. We could say I’m glad February is over and March brings a fresh chance to shine.

Where I’ve Been Travelling This Month

Sadly this month I haven’t left the country, however, the countdown is well and truly on for my next trip (more on that below) and I did have a chance to do a couple of things this month including a week at home in the New Forest and some time in the city.

joys of escaping london for a week

New Forest

I have written a whole post about my week home in the New Forest but I will say visiting my hometown never gets old. As a country girl I always struggle with city life so having somewhere to escape to is perfect.

brick lane, london


It might seem silly to include London as I live here, but it is so rare I leave my little corner of London and travel into central. However, this month I made a point of heading over to Brick Lane to wander in an area that feels so different to where I live.

What I’ve Been Writing

I know, I know this is a travel blog and this month I have barely written about travel but sometimes when you aren’t travelling it is hard to keep completely on topic. Please don’t hate me for it.

what ive learnt from a long distnace relationship wishlist for rioLondon Marathon Training Month 2 The Joys of Escaping London for a Weekfitness love yoga with adriene weekend budget for disneyland paris

What I’ve Been Listening To

Blogs I’ve Loved This Month

So I was all ready to tell you I haven’t read much this week but then I just looked through the links I’ve shared on Twitter to find what posts I wanted to included here and well, there are so many good links. I think what I was meaning to say is I haven’t read many of my regular travel blogs this month.

On throwing failure parties.
All about travelling in the Cook Islands, please can I go NOW.
So you want to volunteer in South America?
Why you shouldn’t listen to the lists that say travel here before you are X years old.
We are over doing this travel thing.
How travel blogging ruins your life, or something like that.
Choosing your own adventures.
100 Wild ideas to make you feel wonderful.
How travel helped me deal with my depression <– a beautiful post.
Winter workout tips for runners.


March, oh March. This month has been marked on my calendar with a big red circle for forever. It is the month I head back to Rio for two weeks and finally get to see my boy again. We will have been apart for just over two months by the time the day rolls around and although it really isn’t that long, it has felt like a bloody long time to us! Not only will I be hitting up Rio de Janeiro but we are also taking trips to Buenos Aries and Ilha Grande while I’m there. I could not be more excited to visit another South American country and spend time at the Brazilian island paradise that is Ilha Grande.

March isn’t just about South American travel, I also have another afternoon tea in London booked with my best friend and there will be multiple trips back to the New Forest. Finally March will be the month where I complete the dreaded six assignments that are due this term. I cannot wait for that weight to be off my shoulders.

What did you get up to in February? Comment below with your highlight of the month and any big plans for March. 

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  1. 1st March 2016 / 2:05 pm

    Thank you for featuring me lovely – got a whole new list of things to read now! ?

    • Jodie Louise
      1st March 2016 / 10:04 pm

      No worries, I loved your post 🙂

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