Monthly Catch Up: January 2016

Monthly Catch Up: January 2016

January has been a month of many highs but also several lows.

The Awesome Things

I had the most visitors ever to this blog in January. And when I say ever these stats were a huge leap from any other month ever. So really thank you for reading this blog.

I saw new year in on Copacabana beach with JP and a group of other awesome people. It was epic despite the scary loud fireworks.

rio de janeiro - new years disney with rosie - January highs

We attended JP’s best friends wedding and I got to take all of their wedding photos, I really do love photographing weddings.

wedding photography - January high

My best friend and I took a trip to Disneyland Paris, you know, because I needed something to cheer me up. Well at least that was the excuse we used anyway.

We booked more trips. I can officially say we will be going to Buenos Aries in Argentina, Ilha Grande in Brazil and Michigan in the USA. Yes, I will be going back to the state where I met JP. The occasion? the wedding of our good friends from camp. Unfortunately the trip will only last four days so we won’t make it up to camp.

I gave the blog a little makeover. I passed my first assignment of year two. I got featured as the Travelex blogger of the week.

The not so Awesome Things

Saying goodbye to Rio and Brasil.

Saying goodbye to JP and not seeing him for two months. 

Being bogged down by university work for assignments and getting a little stressed out by this.

uni work - january low

Where I’ve Been Travelling This Month

january - new year fireworks rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

As I mentioned above, I celebrated new year in Rio and saw in midnight standing on Copacabana beach dressed in white – as per tradition. It was a great night, with great people. My final week in Rio was one where we chilled out, went running, enjoyed the sun but also those cloudy days where it was okay to just stay in and chill. It really was sad to leave this city and you can find a link to my very honest post as to why, below.

Disneyland Paris, France

disneyland paris - january 2016

This trip was booked at the very beginning of this month and of course gave me something to look forward to after having to say goodbye to the boyfriend and hello long distance relationship. This trip was also the first time I had been away with just my best friend in a very long time. It was great to have a girlie trip for once. I don’t really need to tell you about Disneyland, it is pretty self explanatory but I will be blogging about it in the next few weeks. Just know I loved my first ever trip to Disney.

I also visited East Sussex, The New Forest and of course spent most of my time in London

What I’ve Been Writing

The blog has been super busy this month, here is everything I wrote.

turistik day trip London Marathon Training Month 1 How to spend 24 hours in Santiago Pão de Açúcar rio de janerio leaving rio THINGS I LEARNT FROM DOING A TEFL COURSE first impressions of rio de janeiro  work-stations-plus-espresso hotel gatwickmy travel plans 2016

What I’ve Been Listening To

Avicii – Broken Arrows

Shawn Mendes – Stitches

Blogs I’ve Loved This Month

I read SO many good posts this month. Although this loo themed post about London was genuinely the BEST thing I read all month. I’ve regularly starting following Virginia’s blog and can’t wait to follow along with her volunteering journey. As a perfectionist myself this post by Rosie really resonated with me. I found the questions in this blog about comparing yourself stuck with me for the whole month. These treehouse photos were just too gorgeous not to share. Sophie’s post about things she realised in Australia was really relatable especially about a warm Christmas being weird. I am terrible at travelling in London so I loved the ideas in this post. And finally this post by Beverley was so on point about my feelings on the blogging world at the moment.


Unfortunately there is no travel planned for this month except for spending a week in The New Forest. But there is lots planned for March…as per my 2016 travel plans (Brasil and Argentina). However, this month isn’t all boring. I will be running a half marathon in Kingston. This will be my one and only ‘tester’ run before I do the London Marathon but hopefully it should give me an idea of time, energy sources I like and the clothes that are comfiest. The rest of the month will be spent working very hard on university assignments as I have six due by the 13th of April.

What did you get up to in January? Comment below with your highlight of the month and any big plans for February. 

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