October on The Little Backpacker

October on The Little Backpacker

I knew October was going to be a hectic month but I’m not sure anyone could have prepared me for just how bad it would be especially as there was no travel abroad. This month has flown by in a blur of university lectures, self study and going to work. As if those three things weren’t enough to be juggling I also spent a long weekend in Newcastle for a Rugby World Cup match, photographed a wedding in Devon, completed my 20 hour TEFL classroom course and continued to attempt settling in to my new living conditions.

Needless to say by the time ‘reading week’ for university came around on the 26th October I decided it was time to retreat from London and head back to the New Forest for a rest. I have been here ever since attempting to catch up on university work, relaxing with my parents and enjoying being out of the city. After popping to the footie on Sunday I will head back to London ready to tackle November.

october on the little backpacker

Also if you didn’t catch it on social media…
I got in to the London Marathon 2015 and purchased a new DSLR camera – the Canon 70D (more on that soon once I’ve had a chance to fully test it).

Where I’ve Been Travelling This Month


I took the train up north to Newcastle at the beginning of the month for the South Africa, Scotland match during the pool stages of the Rugby World Cup. It was my first visit to the city and despite the cold I found myself drawn to the city. The architecture reminded me of Scotland, the atmosphere during match day was electric and I loved walking along the river. I mostly spent time in the hotel doing university work or wandering around the shops out of the cold or catching up with my boyfriend who was working up there for the rugby. Although I didn’t maximise my time in the city, I felt like I made the most of the rugby atmosphere and was able to charge my batteries away from London.

Emma and Elliot's Wedding


My trip down to Saunton Sands in Devon was a flying visit. It is a place I’ve been many a times on a holiday as a kid but the first time I’d returned in nearly a decade. I was in Devon to photograph a wedding for my photography business and I couldn’t be more happy with the ones I’ve began editing. Although the weather wasn’t perfect we still managed to get down to the beach and take the majority of shots outside. I also stayed in a gorgeous house which a friend of mine had rented as they were attending the wedding. I would certainly return to that house.

New Forest

I have managed to spend my longest period of time at home in the New Forest in over a year. With all of the change that has happened in my life over the past month and a half I needed a break from London and some familiarity for a while. I’ve spent my time catching up with everything including the all important blogging, enjoying home cooked food and spending time with the animals (cats and horses). While I’ve been home I’ve had a chance to spend quality time with the bf before he goes to Rio, catch up with friends and fully enjoy autumn.

What I’ve Been Writing

Little Stories1 29 Ways to save money travelling BACKPACKS im lusting after 10 reasons I miss living in Scotland Reims-Gueux Old Motor Racing Circuit Confessions reasons im training to be a teacher

What I’ve Been Listening To

Adele – Hello

Rachel Platten – Fight Song

What I’ve Been Reading This Month

Yup, I’m still reading City Of God by Paulo Lins… I’ve just read lots of educational books.

Blogs I’ve Loved This Month

This one by Toni where she tries to sum up the year she spend in Sydney which was full of life’s biggest ups and downs.

This blog about Margate by Elle who has defiantly convinced me I need to take a trip there.

This blog about simple strategies to improve blog posts.

These tips from 20 solo female travel bloggers on Trip Advisor.

And this video just because it makes me appreciate this amazing world we live in


As I told you in a post last week during November I am on placement in school as part of my university course. This basically means working 8am-5pm during the week and probably having extra things to do once I get home, plus the added pressure that I’m marked on this and CANNOT fail. This means being based in London for the majority of my time and not having much of a chance to travel or free time for anything.

However, as I hope you will have seen last week, I have a big exciting trip planned for December. I’M GOING TO RIO DE JANEIRO!

What did you get up to in October? Comment below with your highlight of the month and any big plans for November. 

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  1. 4th November 2015 / 6:41 pm

    Hi Jodie, I just found your website and from reading a few posts I feel we’re on a similar journey. I’ve worked and traveled in Australia for a year, even working with oranges too, except I was in the factory sorting and packaging them! I’ve also just returned to education a couple of months ago for three years. I’ll be slowly working my way through your archives, but just wanted to let you know i’m in a similar position in my life! x

    Amy at Amy & More

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