Budget for a Weeks Holiday in Portugal

Budget for a Weeks Holiday in Portugal

As you will know if you read the blog regularly, budgets are a big thing for me. The only way I can afford to go away so much is by budgeting very hard the whole trip. I keep track of every penny/cent I spend and know roughly how much I should spend each day to stay on budget.

My holiday to Portugal was no different, the destination had even been chosen because it came up on Skyscanner as the cheapest location for the week we had for travelling. Not only that but we selected flights early in the morning for arriving and late in the evening for departing to ensure maximum time at our destination without the cost of an extra nights stay.

Flying with easy jet - budget for a weeks holiday in portugal

Break down of my budget for a week’s holiday in Portugal


London Gatwick to Lisbon

Lisbon to London Gatwick

Total: £70//€96

We selected the cheapest flights on the day we wanted to travel and did so with hand luggage only.


Airbnb apartment in the town of Estoril (around 40 minutes from Lisbon). We opted to rent an entire apartment with a swimming pool as this was to be a relaxed holiday in the sun. Renting an entire apartment with swimming pool wasn’t the cheapest Airbnb option but it allowed us to save money self catering and through doing less by sitting at the pool.

The total for this apartment was £377 for two people.

Accommodation based on two people sharing: £188.50

Total: £188.50//€256

Pre Departure Total: £258.50//€361.30

Lisbon rooftops - budget for a weeks holiday in portugal


€5.50 Aerobus return fare

€2.05 Train fare Lisbon – Estoril (inc. recharge card)

€6.50 Return bus fare – Cascais – Guincho

€6 Day travel card on the train

€2.85 Single ride on the tram

€8.20 Return bus fare Estoril – Sintra

€1.55 Train fare Estoril – Lisbon

Total: £24//€33


Breakfast x6 €25 (Pastry and coffee from a cafe including a small tip)
Average spent daily £2.99//€4.17

Lunch x7 €54.35 (Mix of supermarket purchases and cafes – tip included)
Average spent daily £5.56//€7.76

Dinner x 6 €92.87 (Mix of self catering and restaurants – includes an alcoholic drink and tip)
Average spent daily £11.10//€15.48

Miscellaneous €30.38 (snacks, water, alcohol, ice cream etc.)
Average spent daily £3.1//€4.34

Please note all meals are based on two people eating together. 

Total £145.10//€202.60


Surf Lesson €25
Postcards €3
Toilet €0.50

Total £20.40//€28.50

Post Departure Total: £189.50//€264.90

Cascais - budget for a weeks holiday in portugal

Portugal Holiday Budget: Overall Total…


All prices were correct at the time of writing. However, exchange rate and inflation may change this, please check at the time of travelling and use this only as a guide. 


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