Giveaway: Lingo Travel Cards

Giveaway: Lingo Travel Cards

Today, I am running my first ever giveaway on the blog, a pack of Spanish Lingo Travel cards.

Let me tell you a little about these cards because my story with them goes way back. In October last year I had an email come through from Keaton telling me about his Kickstarter project that was perfect for backpackers. His idea was to create packs of cards with little language phrases on each one in the deck. As a backpacker cards are something played on a regular occurrence and I totally agreed with the project.

 Keaton: The light-bulb moment of Lingo occurred while surfing a fun day at Las Flores during the tail end of a central American surf odyssey. For weeks I’d been living easy; days spent surfing, exploring, playing endless card games & enjoying the mayhem of life in El Salvador. Over sunset cervezas I put pen to playing cards and the first deck of Lingo was born. I had all the essentials down in one deck and my Spanish improved with every hand played

Lingo Travel

The first Lingo Travel Card

Each deck of European designed, quality made playing cards contains 54 words & phrases essential for free-spirited travel in foreign lands. The cards cover topics including: Getting around, finding a room, making new friends & grabbing a bargain. 

Just the essentials. It’s all you need.

Then in March this year I received an email from the guys at Lingo Travel again. The Kickstarter project was successful and they wanted to send me out some cards. I’m attempting to learn French so a pack of the French cards was perfect for me, they also sent me a pack of Spanish cards to give away to one of my readers.

There are four languages available currently: French, Spanish, Italian and Indonesian.

lingo travel

And this awesome map shows you where those languages will come in handy when travelling.

lingo travel language map

My French cards will certainly be pack this summer when I head off for a road trip across France but until then I will be using them to play games and touch up on my basic language skills. The cards feel great quality (important for those messy drinking nights in hostels) and I love that they tell you how to pronounce the word/phrase as well as the spelling of it.

Lingo Travel Cards

Each pack cost $19.95 AUD and shipping to the UK is an additional $15 AUD

You can find out more about them and buy the cards at

They are also on Instagram: @Lingo_Travel

And Facebook: Lingo Travel

To Enter

All you need to do is login to the box below and follow the entry options (note some are optional but others are mandatory). For cost of postage reasons this competition is only open to those with a UK postal address (if you are currently travelling but have a UK address I can send them to, then please enter!)

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