How Much Does Five Days in Barcelona Cost?

How Much Does Five Days in Barcelona Cost?

Budget is everything when travelling because after all money is normally what stops anyone from going on holiday more regularly. Any trip I take is normally done so on a budget but while I’m a student this is even more important to keep on top of. So here is the break down of exactly what I spent on a five day city break to Barcelona.

Barcelona budget - flying with easy jet


London Gatwick to Barcelona – £36.99

Barcelona to London Gatwick – £120.25

Please note: The flight home was so expensive because of the Formula One being in Spain that weekend and travel prices being increased, had we been able to fly back a day later this price would have halved.

Total: £157.24//€216


We used Airbnb for our 5 night stay in the city and rented an amazing apartment which was shared with the host (Review coming soon).

This was a double bedroom, priced at £193 for the two of us over five nights including a cleaning fee and Airbnb fee.

Accommodation based on two people sharing: £96.50

Total: £96.50//€132.56

Barcelona budget - looking out from Montjuic


A great way to save some money when travelling is to walk, everywhere. We pretty much did this racking up around 85km over the five days (according to my Fitbit). There are some cases when you do need to grab a train though.

£3.66 – T10 ticket for Zone 1 (ticket was between the two of us so price is half the actual value)

£7.32 – T10 ticket for Zone 1 & 2 (ticket was between the two of us so price is half the actual value)

£3.02 – Single from the Airport

TIP: T10 tickets are value for money even if you do not use all ten journeys, you can see the difference between a single journey and T10 for zone 1&2 is minimal. Most of the city centre can be accessed in zone 1 however the airport is in zone 2.

Total: £14//€19.23

Barcelona budget - tapas


Day 1 (lunch and luxury dinner) £31.25

Day 2 (lunch and dinner) £24.89

Day 3 (lunch from Formula One Circuit and dinner) £30.01

Day 4 (lunch and dinner) £26.03

Day 5 (lunch and dinner) £26.42

Note: Each dinner meal includes one or two drinks, normally a beer, glass of wine or sangria. These prices also include a 10-15% tip (which was compulsory at some places) and based on two people sharing – especially common for tapas dishes. We received a small breakfast at our apartment but normally purchased a small snack and coffee in the morning. 

Total £138.60//€190.39

Barcelona budget - la Sagrada Familia


£8.05 Cable Car from the Port to Montjuic

£3.66 Sunglasses

£14.64 Cap from the Formula One

£5.60 Postcards and Stamps

£14 La Sagrada Familia – entry and tower – BOOKED BEFORE ONLINE

£5 Park Güell – entry – BOOKED BEFORE ONLINE

Total £49.45//€68.56

Barcelona Budget: Overall Total…


This could easily have been under £400 if the flights were not around the Formula One weekend.

Barcelona budget - formula one in spain


Formula One 3 day grandstand tickets: £189

I didn’t actually pay for my own ticket (yet) for this but thought I needed to include it in my totalling. 

Total: £644.79//€894.08

APP for Budget Tracking – Trail Wallet

trail wallet logoTo keep track of all my savings while I was away I’ve been using an app called Trail Wallet. I needed you share it with you guys because I found it awesome for keeping track of how much I spent and what on. It also gave me a daily budget, told me how much I had left and changed between currencies just like that. My boyfriend found you could only make 25 entires on the free version but that was enough for me over this holiday. To buy unlimited entries for the app is just £2.99 which I will certainly be spending before our next trip!

Have you been to Barcelona? Have you got any tips on how to save money?

**All prices were correct at the time of writing but please check before travelling, this is only meant as a guide**


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