Pocket Kitchens at Kingston Riverside Edge

Pocket Kitchens at Kingston Riverside Edge

On the Sunday of Traverse 15, we headed off to the River in Kingston, for our final event of the weekend. Walking there was the first time I had seen Kingston in the daylight – it was a shame the weather was making it a miserable affair. We passed by the amazing All Saints Church where the welcome evening on Friday had been held, before easily finding the Riverside Edge venue. The location of our ‘fun, fizz and macarons’ experience. We entered not really knowing what to expect from our two hours here.

riverside edge riverside edge

Fun, Fizz and Macarons

Upon entering this little pop up site – that was after we found the correct door to enter by – we were greeted by the lovely owners of the businesses inside and the people behind this whole set up. Over the course of our time there we began to learn all about this place. With five different ‘pocket kitchens’ open under the same roof, Riverside Edge is well and truly full for the time being. Our host for the day was Folie Macaron supplying us with fizz, food and some of the best macarons I’ve ever eaten.

This pop up venue feels very much like a food court with its set up and layout which allows customers to sit anywhere no matter which kitchen your order at. Mix this with the quirkiness you’d find down a Melbourne laneway and you’ve got the best description I could give on this new and innovative place. The idea behind Riverside Edge is to welcome start up businesses and new ideas by giving them the platform they need to put their idea into practice. Each kitchen is part of Riverside Edge and the business simply rents out the space, all equipment included. Making the start up of a business much easier and cheaper for those entrepreneurs. They also host music once a week and have The International Youth Arts Festival backing them all the way.

This pop up site is designed to allow for easy re-branding every 6-12 months as the pop up kitchens change. This guarantees a continuous stream of new brands and ideas coming through. The current line up is: Le Bun, The Cloud Kitchen, Lorenzo’s Pizza Co, Local Hero Coffee and Folie Macaron. Plus live music every Tuesday from 6.30pm but the best way to keep up with everything is through their Facebook page.

riverside edge riverside edge

We experienced some mouth watering food from Folie Macaron, it was obvious how much passion and love the owners had for what they do. Not only were the macarons incredible but each one combined quirky and unusual flavours (peanut butter and dark chocolate, anyone?). Every other dish they prepared and described to us had, my mouth watering. They displayed a passion and knowledge of their craft which you only find from small and quaint businesses.

Riverside Edge is exactly the kind of place I love stumbling across, all too often I find myself sucked in by the hundreds of branded restaurants you find in London and forget to search for that small and upcoming businesses. I will certainly be back to this venue for more live music and to try out the food in some of the other kitchens.

riverside edge

We were also treated to music throughout our time at Riverside Edge


Need To Know Information:

Kingston is a 30 minute journey by train from Waterloo station, Riverside Edge is then a short 10 minute walk from the station.

Riverside Edge is closed on Monday but open the rest of the week:

Tues – Thurs: 12:00–22:00

Fri – Sat: 12:00–23:00

Sun: 12:00–20:00

And the full street address is: Unit 1, Riverside Walk, KT1 1QN Kingston upon Thames

Riverside Edge Map


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