Travel Wishlist for 2015

Travel Wishlist for 2015

This year I know more about what I’m doing with my life than ever before, I know I will be based in London during term time and I know my entire timetable until I finish my first year at uni in May. What I do not know this year though is where I’ll travel, how much money I’ll have, how much time I’ll have or where I’ll be working throughout the summer. I have a million ideas and find myself wanting to do everything I can possibly think of but I also know on a student budget that just isn’t possible. Exactly what travelling I will achieve this year is going to remain unknown for a while but I certainly have plenty of ideas….

My Travel Wishlist for 2015 (in no particular order)


Lisbon, Portugal

A New Country….

PortugalSurprisingly I haven’t travel much in Europe and I’ve never been to Portugal, this year it is the country I’m dreaming of the most. From the beautiful beaches of the south to the gorgeous houses in Lisbon. This country would be the perfect place to head for some sun and sea during the warmer months.

A Scandinavian Country (Iceland, Norway, Finland or Sweden)I had a brief taste of Iceland in December and it has only made me hungry for a trip back or to another Scandinavian country. The cute houses, the northern lights, the midnight sun, the vast landscape – these countries seem so idilic and perfect to me.

Slovenia – This country is another one that I’ve managed to miss and until this year it had been completely off my radar. After stumbling upon their stall at WTM in November it has become one of my top countries to visit in Europe. The capital of Ljubljana is the main hub of action but you cannot forget a trip to beautiful Lake Bled whilst there.


Zermatt, Switzerland

Revisit An Old One…

Switzerland – Back in 2007 as a girl scout I spent two weeks camping and being adventurous in Kanderstag. Now all these years later Switzerland is back on my radar and Zermatt is my top location. A beautiful mountain town which is busy with skiers during the winter but still has plenty to offer for summer guests.

France – Last year I travelled through France on the Eurostar but never got off in France. This year France is the easiest and possible cheapest destination to visit from London. Whether it’s for a quick day trip to Paris, south for the beaches or north for the rugged landscape, I’m hoping to at least visit once this year!

Budapest, HungryCREDIT

Budapest, Hungry

And a weekend in….

Denmark – Copenhagen – Small weekend trips are looking more likely this year and Copenhagen is high on my list. Small enough to enjoy over a weekend but with enough to offer for a fun and exciting visit.

Hungry – Budapest – Ever since reading about this city last year I’ve wanted to visit. Famous for its history, architecture and spas a weekend here would be a perfect introduction to Hungry.

Innsbruck, AustriaCREDIT

Innsbruck, Austria

One for the winter

Austria – Salzburg or Innsbruck – After such a successful snowboarding session in Scotland last year, I would love to head back to the slopes again this year. Both of these Austrian snow hubs are beautiful and offer more than just snow to keep you entertained. I would love a cheeky trip here before the snow goes or late on in the year when it arrives again.

The Gower Peninsular - Photo from a holiday years ago

The Gower Peninsular – Photo from a holiday years ago

And Something Closer To Home

Camping in WalesI grew up camping in Wales or Cornwall but Wales was always more special because we visited the same place each time. A place in the south where a beautiful beach lies, a beach hidden by the rocks and only accessible when the tide is out. I would love to explore some more of Wales this year but also sneak in a trip back to my favourite place as a kid.

Roadtripping in IrelandI’ve heard a lot about driving in Ireland and how beautiful the countryside is however the one place that sounds out is the Dingle Peninsula area. This would be another place closer to home worth visiting for a road trip or even just a trip to Dublin – seeing as I’m yet to go to Ireland.

On top of all of these locations I would love to try out a Canopy and Stars accommodation, go surfing and successfully be a tourist in my own backyard aka London.

Hopefully 2015 will prove to be as successful for travelling as 2014 was but only time will tell. What do you have planned or are wishing for in 2015?



  1. 18th January 2015 / 2:51 pm

    Fantastic list of places to visit – and some jaw-dropping photos to go with it! 🙂 I applaud your dedication to travelling while studying. When I did my degree I just longed for a few weeks off to do absolutely nothing but lounge around watching crappy TV shows 😛

    I’m hoping to get to Lisbon in April and to Innsbruck in March- fingers crossed that 2015 is the year that both of us get there 🙂 xx

    • rtwlabs
      18th January 2015 / 7:59 pm

      Haha, that is all I want to do! Especially at the moment while I’m on placement but I also have the itchiest feet in the world and could not stay still if I tried. Your plans sound exciting, we really need to catch up! xx

  2. 19th January 2015 / 1:36 am

    Great post! The thing about being in London is that you have so many things on your doorstep and so many cheap flights! My travel wishlist is to explore more of the country I live in – China. And to go to at least one new Asian country, probably South Korea or Vietnam. Not easy with limited holiday and weekends but I will try my best!

  3. 19th January 2015 / 6:33 pm

    It’s funny you miss-spelled Hungary as “Hungry”. 🙂
    But I’ve heard the “Hungry Hungarian” combination a few times. I guess Hungarians are famous for eating a lot.

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