September on The Little Backpacker

September on The Little Backpacker

What a month September has been. I visited Devon on a motorbike road trip, started university, found a flat in London, spent time at home in the New Forest and explored Amsterdam for the weekend. It has been a crazy month of change and more uncertainty but finally it feels like everything is starting to fall in to place. Today we should move in to our flat and I will officially become a Londoner again, to add to my new student status. For the past two and a half weeks I have been travelling by train from Polegate (near Eastbourne) to Barnes for university – I cannot wait for this commute to be over! Even though I love to travel I am not a fan of sitting on the same boring train journey daily. On top of all of this, I also launched a new look blog this month which also marked the change over from using to As per normal this month has flown by and thinking back I cannot believe how much I have crammed in.

What I’ve Been Blogging About:

Blogging: All Change on The Little Backpacker and Behind the Scenes of The Little Backpacker

Scotland: Glencoe Photo Essay, Isle of Mull Photo Essay, Staying in a Yurt, Fort William accommodation Review and the Jacobite Train

Life: Leaving Glasgow and My University Application Nightmare

Amsterdam: Amsterdam Adventure with #parkinnexpress

Others: Water To Go Bottle Review, In The Woods Festival, Photo Competition and 5 Cities I would Return to

My Month In Numbers Infographic

September infographic

Highlight(s) Of The Month

Well so much has happened this month it is hard to pin point the highlight or even remember if it was this month or last. However if you have been reading my monthly updates you will know I have been struggling to pass a literacy test for university because of my dyslexia. If you read my university application nightmare then you’ll know I passed and the fact I have started at university probably gives this away too but I PASSED THE LITERACY TEST at the beginning of the month. I breathed the biggest sigh of relief opening up those results.

Other highlights this month include:

Starting university – everything is new and exciting but overwhelming and scary too. Slowly over the last two weeks I have began to slip into the routine of things and began making friends – which is very hard when you don’t live on campus or even within 20 miles of university. I have even had to start doing ‘homework’ again which is proving hard that I thought it would.

Exploring Amsterdam – my trip to Amsterdam was very last minute and a total surprise. I was invited by Park Inn’s to take part in a blogger trip. It was so much fun as they set up the saturday as a scavenger hunt. This is a project running until Christmas and involving four other bloggers, in November I will be heading to Bruxelles for the second of my trips with them.

Road-tripping on a Motorbike – I love road tripping but heading out on my brothers motorbike gave road tripping a whole new feel. It is a rare occasion going out on his bike so I also enjoy every minute even if I look like a complete idiot!

If you have been keeping up with my Facebook and Instagram updates then you’ll know how much fun I’ve been having this month!

Lowlight Of The Month

The lows this month have been very minor and trivial things like spending too much time on trains commuting, getting a cold and being extremely tired.

Favourite Photo

A Canal In Amsterdam

A Canal In Amsterdam

Blogs I’ve Loved This Month

Never Ending Footsteps – How to Travel the Maldives on a Budget: It’s Possible! – There is very little online about travelling the Maldives on a budget and this post by Lauren gives you all the information you could possibly need to start some planning. If I had enough money for the plan ticket I would certainly be planning my own trip there asap!

Vicky FlipFlop – Sziget Festival – I have loved reading all of her blogs about this festival but I think my favourite one has to be about her sky bar experience. What an awesome way to see/hear a band preform from up in the sky!

This isn’t just a blog post it is a whole blog I want to share: Annette Pehrsson’s Blog is gorgeous. She has a very sad story to tell of the last year of her life and has only recently started blogging again in the last month. Her photography is dreamy and her posts short and sweet. This may not be a travel blog but it is a gorgeous bit of inspiration.

Books I’ve Read This Month

storm shellsHaving spent so much time sitting on trains this month I have got back in to reading on my trusty iPad. I already had some books ready and downloaded from a series I had started reading earlier this year and I wanted to share them with you. Saving Wishes is a book series about a girl called Charlotte who lives in ‘la la land’ and has a love for travel – not surprisingly I can relate to this series so much and have followed every high and low of the stories. This month I have read: Sand Jewels, Storm Shells and currently half way through Secret North. If you like girlie books about feelings, relationships, fairies and travel then I’d suggest this series to you.



Coming Next Month

October is going to be a month of settling in and things closer to home. I have two gigs planned thanks to my lovely boyfriend who bought me tickets to see Lady Antebellum and Ed Sheeran in the same week! We are also heading to an NFL game at Wembley nearer the end of the month. There could possibly be a trip to France on the cards but otherwise it will be settling in to our new London neighbour hood: East Sheen, exploring some of my favourite haunts in London, visiting home (The New Forest) and keeping on top of all my university work. You can expect a few more blogs about Scotland, my Devon road trip and Amsterdam as well as some ramblings about life in London.


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