In The Woods Festival Playlist & Video

In The Woods Festival Playlist & Video

In The Woods is a small festival of around 1000 people and is located at a secret location in Kent. As the name suggests it is set up in the woods, with straw lining the path and fair lights directing the way through. It looked every bit as magical as I had hoped. The stages were all set up in the woods along with a bar, seating area and several art installations. The food area another bar and silent disco tent were located in a clearing along with the bonfire and camping area. It was all very small and intimate compared to what I’m used to with festivals but I absolutely loved it.

My video of In The Woods all shot from my little Go Pro

As with all festivals the music is what you go for and In The Woods was no different. Like the secret of the location the music is kept a secret too. Only being announced in the few days before the festival. It isn’t your typical main stream music but it is all awesome in it’s own way. Once the acts had been announced I spent some time listening to them, so I could get a feel and decide what I wanted to watch. Turns out because it is all in such a confined space none of the music played at the same time and I could actually watch everything, if I wanted. Turns out a full day of bands is a bit much however what I did see was awesome. These are my top artist from the festival and music you should be adding to your playlist this month.

Kyan – This guy was my favourite when checking out bands before hand. His voice is amazing and the kind of music I could listen to all day long! I sat centre stage for 15 minutes or so before they started, I was so keen to see him play. The live set didn’t disappoint but the short set timings did mean they had to miss out my favourite song, Taking The City. However he did play a brand new song they had only written the week before. I think this band will be huge in years to come.

Kate Tempest – Possibly my favourite artist of the whole festival, her on stage presence is incredible. I loved the opening song she did with just her voice, no music, no backing vocals. However once the band came on, her amazing voice still carried on. She reminds me of a fresh Kate Nash with a similar kind of style and lyrics. I would love to see this lady going far.

Laura Marling – The most well known of all the acts and the only music performance on the Friday night, which was a new thing for 2014. The quarry stage was absolutely packed for her and I got numb everything sitting on a steep bank and watching her but my was she good. Her first gig in eight months so a little rusty but it was good hearing some old and new stuff from her.

Soak – Her voice reminds me of an artist but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. My best description would be Imogen Heap, it was the kind of voice where you just wanted to sit and take it all in. At 18 years old, she is pretty incredible and I really hope to see more of her in the future.

Years and Years – This three piece boy band are not too pop but not too rock either. They are the sort of band I would have listened to years about but would still listen to now. They were great live in the quarry stage too.

Jack Garratt and Glass Animals are also worth a listen.

In The Woods was a brilliant festival with all sorts of quirky ideas and going ons such as barn dancing and yoga. The food was amazing and even the sun came out for us. The boyfriend and I made a podcast of the whole festival and you can listen to it here, it also includes music from other acts we saw.

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