Photo Memories Competition

Photo Memories Competition


I am absolutely photo mad, and wherever I go I will spend a good chunk of my time getting the perfect photo to capture the location and my memories. I have hundreds of photos from each country I have visited and treasure them as if they are gold. A few months back my hard drive broke and I lost a few weeks worth of photos from travelling South East Asia, I was absolutely gutted. Basically what I’m trying to say is my photos capture my memories of travelling and I love being surrounded by those images everyday.

Today I have an epic competition to tell you about, all to do with photo memories. Photoworld have just launched a competition which will be running for the next four weeks and they want to see your best photo memories. Each week there will be a new theme and another chance for you to enter the competition. Before I tell you how to enter I’m going to give you some inspiration for the competition by sharing a photo with you for all four themes.

The Four Themes


I sat thinking for a while about this category, should I choose a picture from my family travel or a picture of a family I have taken while travelling. I decided to choose the latter…with a twist.


I went for a family picture of some whales instead. It is very rare you will ever snap a photo of two whales breaching at the same time. The likelihood of it happening is when they are related, like this mum and yearling. We had gone out whale watching on a spur of the moment decision and I was desperate to see some whales. The trip had barely been going when we stopped this pair and then followed them for the next hour or so. Our boat driver had said they were sleeping and not to expect much activity from them, then this happened. With the naked eye I couldn’t have told you what they looked like or how big they seemed, but with this photo everything is explained.


Best Friends South Africa

Choosing this image for friendship was easy. During my time volunteering in South Africa my camera took a battering. Every day the children would want to take photos with me and then see the result. It became a bit of a daily routine – after the sport coaching or teaching we would spend some time playing with my camera. This one day two girls came running over to me, “will you take a photo of me and my friend?!” They desperately wanted a photo of themselves together and spent the next ten minutes posing for me. This is one of my favourite portraits from my whole African trip and sums up the warmth every single child had. Looking at this photo takes me back to the exact day and I could describe it perfectly.


Krabi Railay Bay

Selecting a photo for this category was hard, nearly every single photo I have taken in the past four years falls under this category. I genuinely could have selected hundreds but in the end I have gone for a picture of the beach in Krabi. This beach reminds me of a time where I’d been travelling South East Asia long enough to understand the way things worked and not be paranoid everyone was going to rob me. However everything was still exciting and new. Stepping on to Railay Bay in Krabi was like stepping in to a guide book in a travel agent. It was the beach where people came to take those photos, I recognised it instantly. This photo may be completely iconic but there is such a great feeling about finally capturing that photo which has inspired your travels.


July Fourth

As soon as I saw this category one photo came to mind: July 4th at Camp America. I thought about looking through my photos to see if there was a better one but in the end I decided this image is my strongest celebration memory so let’s go for it. This photo was taken on the 4th of July while I worked at Camp Walden for the summer. I was a horse riding instructor and we decided to paint the horses for the occassion. Now every time I think of July 4th I think back to us painting the horses and generally celebrating in a way you only can at camp.

How To Enter

Tweet your picture to @cewephotoworld with the hashtag #weprintmemories to enter. It is all pretty easy for some awesome prizes (like a camera and photo goodies). Full competition details here.

So what are you waiting for? Go and enter this awesome competition.


  1. 15th September 2014 / 1:22 pm

    Amazing pictures! I especially love the first two – what a great shot of the whales and the friendship pic reminds me of my time volunteering in Africa too 🙂

  2. 15th September 2014 / 2:03 pm

    Nice!! Thank you for the tip 😀 your pictures are amazing!!!

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