Edinburgh Fringe – In Photos

Edinburgh Fringe – In Photos

The Edinburgh Fringe is all kinds of crazy and exciting and you never know what you will find each day. Trying to describe this place to someone is really difficult so instead I thought I’d show it to you. There is a completely different feel day and night which makes it an all the more exciting experience. I loved photographing all of the ‘pretty places’ during the evening but the city in the day looks beautiful too.

IMG_7379 EDIT 2

IMG_7382 EDIT 2


IMG_7389 EDIT 2

IMG_7403 EDIT 2

IMG_7407 EDIT 2

IMG_7415 EDIT 2

IMG_7421 EDIT 2

IMG_7426 EDIT 2

IMG_7428 EDIT 2

IMG_7435 EDIT 2

IMG_7450 EDIT 2

IMG_7453 EDIT 2

IMG_7463 EDIT 2

IMG_7464 EDIT 2

IMG_7469 EDIT 2

IMG_7481 EDIT 2


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