July on The Little Backpacker

July on The Little Backpacker

Wow, some how July has come and gone without me even realising. Looking back over this month I am struggling to remember what I’ve done and if it was actually this month or last. One thing I do know is it’s the first month I haven’t been on a plane, serious withdrawal symptoms! It has been a month of intense work, exploring Scotland with my parents and watching Glasgow come alive as we welcomed the world in to this amazing city. I hope you have all enjoyed the commonwealth games especially if you have had a chance to visit Glasgow.

Most Popular Blogs Published This Month

All The Jobs I’ve Had To Afford Travel – This was my most popular blog published this month offering a realistic look at what jobs you can have to afford travel and how it doesn’t just all come for free. It was a bit of a hit back at seeing too many bloggers on press trips but mostly my frustration for yet again working stupid amounts of hours!

Claiming You Tax Back In Australia – a Q and A with the experts at Pinkcow – This was the first company I have properly worked with to produce a post. It was fun, especially as they were so nice to work with. It also proved to be a very popular post among my readers and hopefully it will have helped some of my readers with that dreaded tax return.

My Month In Numbers Infographic

july infographic

Highlight(s) Of The Month

There have been a few highlights this month: having my parents on holiday in Scotland and getting to hang out with them, the Commonwealth Games finally starting and the city coming alive as well as getting to see some events.

Opening ceremony and athletics – I was super to excited to have my hands on tickets for both of these (as well as badminton). The opening ceremony had an amazing atmosphere in the stadium, I met Kelly Holmes, made it on the One Show and was pictured on the front of the Metro the next day. I know the show received some negative press with many people saying it was too tongue in cheek but I just loved being inside Celtic Park that night. The athletics (which I will be writing about soon) was awesome, we were there on the night of the 100m final and what an atmosphere that was. It is just so nice to see the city alive after all these months of waiting for the games to begin. Part of me cannot believe it is all over by the end of the week!

I have all ready written about hanging out with my parents and how much fun it was but I wanted to touch on it again as it really was the highlight of my month. Having a few days off from my crazy work schedule to get away from the city was as good as ever. Scotland is beautiful and I really cannot get enough of this country. I had never explored Loch Tay and it had been high on my list for a while now – of course it lived up to the hype and I took too many photos as per normal! It was also lovely seeing my parents for longer than the mad rush of my visits home.

Lowlight Of The Month

I touched on my low of the week in one of my ‘Sunday’s Little Thing’ posts’ but it has actually turned out to be the lowlight of the month. Failing my English skills test for the second time – a test I have to pass before I go to university in September and a test I am struggling with because I am dyslexic. There seems to be no leeway for someone like me who just CANNOT spell! I now have one month before I have to pass it and if I don’t then I need a new plan for September…

I have also been gutted to have worked my arse off during the games and not had a chance to go and experience/enjoy the atmosphere. The city has live sites and free events but with my crazy work schedule I am just too tired to be spending my time off doing anything but sleeping/sitting/catching up on everything else. I will be very glad when everything calms down but at the same time I’m disappointed things ended up this way.

Favourite Photo

Glen Coe - I posted a very similar photo on Instagram this month  and it was very popular!

Glen Coe – I posted a very similar photo on Instagram this month and it was very popular!

Blogs I’ve Loved this Month

Exploring Iceland On Horse Back – Backpacker Banter – With Iceland being in my travel plans for the end of 2014 I have loved reading about Chris’ visit to this awesome country. However my favourite post of these was by his friend Tara who went exploring Iceland by horse back – I have ridden all my life and this experience seemed so much fun! Unfortunately I won’t have time to do this but it certainly had me inspired.

How Travel Has Changed My Life – Never Ending Footsteps – I loved this piece, it’s very long but worth reading all the way through. I have followed Lauren’s blog for at least two years and she really is an inspiration to all. To say travel has changed someone is very cliche but this post really shows just how much three years of travelling has changed Lauren. I think she is very brave for sharing all her personal issues with us.

Today in Israel – Am Travel Times – I know Alex personally and as soon as the conflict started in Gaza/Israel I thought of her and her safety – reading through this account of her final days in Israel before being sent home (as the university deemed it unsafe) was very interesting. You only hear what the news is portraying but reading it first hand was certainly a lot more interesting and gave me a real idea of what effect this is having on the country.

And this month I have been loving Jayne’s video series of her Weekly Work Diary – A little insight in to a freelance lifestyle and what work it entails.

App of the Month

I have a few favourite apps this month: Typic+, Saver and Vsco Cam

IMG_2979However Typic+ stands out from the rest. I started off with the free version of this app to see if I liked it, and I loved it! I spent all of 65p on the full version and cannot stop using it to edit my pictures for instagram, Sunday’s Little Thing and more. It provides filters and photo enhancing edits as well as its main feature of text, design and doodles on top of the image. The + version allows you to choose from a wide range of fonts, colours and different design/doodle graphics. They are great for jazzing up an image and making it stand out from the rest.

Coming Next Month

Next month is our final month in Glasgow – you can expect me to be completing some of my ‘to do’ list, visiting Edinburgh Fringe and of course more Scotland exploring before ending the month by heading to the In The Woods Festival in Kent. It is going to be bitter sweet to leave Glasgow, I’m very excited for the next chapter (whatever that ends up being) but this is also the longest time I’ve spent in one place for years and it genuinely has begun to feel like home. I LOVE Scotland and I will forever be talking about how amazing this part of the country is but I know it’s time to move on again.


  1. 1st August 2014 / 1:44 pm

    Such a nice post!! Even without flights you had a very productive month 🙂

  2. 1st August 2014 / 1:56 pm

    Thanks so much for including me in your round up and being good enough to watch the videos!

    I had no idea you were dyslexic because you write so well. Fingers crossed for you. I’m sure you’ll nail it next time 🙂

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