What’s Inspired Me this Week

What’s Inspired Me this Week

Lately I haven’t been feeling very inspired, I’ve been sulking a lot about money, my choice to go to university and being stuck in Glasgow go until late August because I want to go back to summer camp. Well this all changed this week and I have suddenly found my inspiration for life and for travel and just generally making sure I’m doing what I want with my life. Yes it’s good to have savings but I would far rather be enjoying some travel rather than moaning about not saving enough money. I’m feeling inspired to book my trip for the first two weeks of September and I’m feeling inspired to generally enjoy my time off. What was the sudden change about? And how did it happen? Quite simple really several articles, blogs and videos I have viewed this week. I thought it would be nice to share them with you guys and hopefully inspire you all the way I have been inspired.

Made In Hunters – Weekend Scenes Blog Post: Her photographs are always simple yet dreamy but this week I took the time to read Emma’s words.

“I sometimes wonder what other people actually do for their weekends. You know what I did for my weekend? Everything I love, that’s what.”

It made me realise how I don’t do everything I love at the weekend. I force myself to clean or to get on top of my to do list or just sit and wait for work to begin. So instead I’m going to grab my weekends with two hands and make the most of my free time and this amazing city that I only have three months left in.

5 Odd Lessons Learned From Long-Term Travel: This article just reminds me of the reason you should travel and all the reasons I started travelling in the first place.

“I struggled a lot with trying to balance what society wanted for me, and what I truly wanted for myself. I think we all do in some way.”

It isn’t just about backpacking on a gap year, it’s about quitting your career and the life you have always lived to go and see places you have never even realised existed. This makes me want to travel more, to see more cultures, to experience more things out of my comfort zone and to never get bogged down in a life I don’t want.

The Truth About Travellers: An article I found doing the rounds via huffington post but I’ve linked you to her site because the whole thing is just a bit dreamy.

“We feel the most alive when we’re out there. Living nomadically with nothing but our possessions in a backpack and moving as our only constant. Anything is possible when we are given a brand new day in a place we have never been as we surrender ourselves to the currents of the universe.”

This article is so easy to relate too, and after sharing it on facebook all my travelling friends were soon sharing it on. It is something that seems silly unless you are a traveller but if you are one then every word will make you realise why you travel. It will inspire you to book another trip and will remind you there are other people out there who think and feel the same way you do.

39 Pictures That Prove Bondi Beach Is Heaven On Earth: A collection of instagram images from one photographers account who gets up every morning for sunrise.


Have you ever felt homesick for a place you’ve never been or spent little time in. This article did just that to me but it also made me realise I don’t take enough photographs and I don’t get up early and seize the day enough. Then again I know what its like getting up early for a Bondi sunrise and that is something special.

Let’s Get Lost Video: This video is meant to inspire you to go get lost through words and image, it does exactly that and more.

Have you ever watched a video and thought that all those places look so exotic and you’d love to go some time. Have you then watched a video and been able to recongise half the places in it? Well that was what this video was like for me, I have been to half of these places but it didn’t matter, I still got wanderlust and that song just hit me with every word.

New Music from Ed Sheeran: So I have a total crush on this mans voice and have been excited since first hearing SING sat in Greece.

This week I have been lisening to his Radio 1 Big Weekend set on repeat and just generally you tubing all of his new songs. To me music means a lot and when you find good songs with good lyrics it can change a mood instantly. `



  1. 30th May 2014 / 4:50 am

    Nice collection of inspiring posts! Are you in Glasgow currently? I absolutely love that city. Spent a year in Scotland (Stiriling) working on my Master’s. So beautiful.

    Feel free to check out our travel blog. Love what you’re doing!


  2. 1st June 2014 / 8:29 pm

    Hey, yes I am currently in Glasgow – Scotland is just beautiful! Glad you enjoyed my links 🙂

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