Staying At The Palazzo Versace In Surfers Paradise

Staying At The Palazzo Versace In Surfers Paradise

IMG_3322 EDIT 2The Palazzo Versace aka the hotel Ant, Dec and all the ‘I’m A Celeb’ contestants stay in was given to me as a prize for being the overall winner of the I’m A Backpacker competition. I know right… not only did I win a free trip to Australia but I won a night’s stay in a 6* hotel. So by rights I have no reason to complain about any of it. That being said I will try and write an honest review about my stay here and advise if I think it’s worth splashing out the cash for such luxury. After all I have my stay at the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel to compare it too.

We arrived shortly after check in time of 2pm only to be told our room was not ready yet. Not only that, but there was a problem with our booking because it had been made by someone else. After a panicked phone call to Ricky at Gold Coast Tourism the booking was confirmed for us to stay. So we were given a drinks voucher to use while we waited for our room to be ready. I had invited Ellis a fellow contestant to come and stay with me as I a twin room. After choosing the most expensive cocktails we could find and some food we chilled outside in the sun. Longing to be by the pool we went back to reception to check the progress on our room – it still wasn’t ready. This time we were given pool access, typically my bikini was packed in my luggage they had, so after locating that we were set for the pool.

DCIM100GOPROHaving been sat next to the pool for the last hour, I couldn’t wait to jump in and enjoy the last of the sun! Unfortunately the sun didn’t last long as it slowly crept down below the buildings surrounding the pool. Still when you took in to account everything around us I did wonder why I was being so moany in my head. We chilled pool side for a while, having picked up some magazines they offer you for reading I was quite content. The pool was set in the middle of the hotel, with a fake beach on one side – as the real beach was a 10 minute drive away. I wasn’t sure if I liked the fake beach or not but it certainly was a unique feature. One thing that really suck in my mind from our few hours by the pool was how good the music was that they were playing.

Just before 6 pm we headed off to check if our room was ready, and finally it was! Our booking still wasn’t sorted however they promised it would be chased up by the morning. After the paperwork was done we skipped off to our room on the first floor. Getting up the lift and in to our room caused us a pickle as always – I’m not a fan of these silly key cards. Once we opened the door though every worry or stress disappeared. The room was beautiful and we had a gorgeous poolside view.

IMG_3307 EDITThe interior design of the room was something else, you could tell this place was Versace. The room was huge, with a little balcony for our sliding doors but the one thing that surprised me was the amazing bath! It was huge, had jets and was a great feature of the bathroom – I never expected a bath in a hotel room. The beds were unbelievably comfy and even though we both had a single it certainly felt big. We found a bag of some dresses in our room, which confused us – not knowing if it was a mistake they had been left there or if they were there for us to wear. What also left me confused was the lack of information left for us, we had to prompt for breakfast info at reception! There was nothing listing options for dinner, bar opening times, pool opening times etc. not only that but you had to pay for the wifi so we couldn’t just check it for ourselves. Still in the grand scheme of things that wasn’t really an issue just something I thought was lacking compared to the Marina Bay Sands.

Palazzo Versace Overall I loved my stay here but I didn’t have enough time to fully appreciate the facilities. I had to check out at 8 am the next morning (due to a flight) so my only real time enjoying the pool was those few hours the day before. Having this short time made me feel like I didn’t experience everything the Palazzo Versace had to offer. We had dinner at Vie in the evening and the food was incredible as was our breakfast buffet the following morning. The interior design of the whole hotel was amazing, everywhere you looked there was something to catch your eye. There was even a piano in the lobby which had a band playing around it during the evening and even several dancing guests. The prices for drinks were very standard for Australia and not the extreme price I had imagined. Our stay here was fab however I didn’t appreciate it as much as the Marina Bay Sands because I hadn’t been dreaming about it for years. I feel if you are going to stay in a luxury hotel you should only splash the money if it is a hotel you truly desire to stay at.


Please note: I received a stay here for free for being the winner of the ‘I’m A Backpacker Competition’, however I was not asked to write a review of the hotel. I have done so purely because I wanted to share my experience. 


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