Product Review: Highlander Combo Cover

Product Review: Highlander Combo Cover

As I mentioned in my packing list for Australia I used a different rucksack for this trip. The Eurohike – Wilderness 55 S was my choice for this trip however I wasn’t keen on flying with all these straps flapping about. My Berghaus Jalan Travel Pack has a compartment which zips up on the back to hide the rucksack straps when I’m flying or just wheeling it around. My Eurohike rucksack was without wheels and there for lacking in any compartment to tuck the straps away. After having my Berghaus bag broken on a flight I was very hesitant to fly with all the straps flapping. Not only that, but there was no way of locking this type of rucksack.

Introducing the Highlander Combo Cover, a transit and rain cover for backpacks. It isn’t the expensive price of those mess nets you can get to lock over your bag however it possible isn’t as durable. I tested out this cover during my long trip from Scotland to the Gold Coast and back again. The result: no damage to my bag, no damage to the cover – which I half expected given how thin it is and my bag being locked for the whole journey.

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What I liked about the Highlander Cover

Lockable Zips – As I mentioned my Eurohike bag was not lockable because of its top loader style. I wasn’t keen on the idea of flying with my bag unlocked. The cover had lockable zips, which seemed big and strong as well as having space for a skinner padlock.IMG_3340 EDIT 2

Drawstring Tie – Once you had done the zip up there was then a drawstring tie you could tighten to the size of your bag. The cover was made to fit up to a 100l bag, given mine was only a 55l and half empty at that the cover was a little large. However once I had pulled the drawstrings tight the cover then fit snug over my rucksack. I then tied up the excess string and tucked it in, to make sure it wouldn’t get caught on anything during transit.IMG_3341 EDIT 2

Small and Light – The cover itself comes in a little pouch and weighs next to nothing. It is perfect for tucking in your packing while travelling or hiking with your bag – you couldn’t use the cover while hiking as it covers the straps once zipped up leaving you with a few handles which soon cut in to your hands. Another great thing about how light it is means adding the cover doesn’t add any weight to your backpack – a great advantage if you are carrying a lot of gear.

Affordable – The net mesh bag protector which was my first choice of bag protector was priced at £60. The highlander cover is an affordable £10.

Hides what’s actually inside – This is maybe my favourite part about this bag. This black cover completely hides what is inside and once you have pulled the draw string tight it even distorts the shape slightly. This for me made me feel safer knowing no one could see what kind of bag I had or judge what would be inside.IMG_3343 EDIT 2

And the one thing I didn’t like about the product was how thin the material was. I was worried that in just one journey such thin material could be torn however it with stood eight flights easily with just dirt all over the cover.

I received this product from the Gap Year Travel Store, who are an online store providing everything you could think of needing for a gap year. Most of their products are very reasonably priced and delivery is between £3-6 for UK shipping. All their products are specially designed for backpacking travel with some being basics you will always need and others being quirky things that are just fun to have. They also have a blog which provides lots of tips and advice especially for first time travellers.IMG_3336 EDIT 2

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Gap Year Travel Store however I was under no pressure to write a positive review. As always all opinions are my own and I was already looking in to a bag protector to use before I was offered a choice of product by Gay Year Travel Store.


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