Mountain View, Wanaka – Hostel Review

Mountain View, Wanaka – Hostel Review

This was a cute little place tucked just out of the centre of Wanaka town. With a small communal area and only a dozen rooms it was one the smallest hostels I’ve stayed in. The majority of the people staying here seemed to be long termers – here on working holiday visas, with jobs in the town and a chance to enjoy the surrounding snowy mountains.

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Atmosphere and Staff

The guy running this place was incredibly friendly and helpful, showing us around the hostel and to the door of our room. I honestly don’t remember the last time someone did that – so nice! The atmosphere was slightly less friendly because of the large number of long termers there but maybe that would have been different if we were staying for more than one night.

Communal Areas

The kitchen felt like it was part of someone’s home: clean and well equipped but very small and the main walk way came right through. The TV area and dinning space then backed on to the kitchen however it was an even tinier space! I was certainly glad we had our own double room to relax in otherwise we would had been really limited with space to just chill in. I felt there wasn’t a huge amount of toilets and showers however I never actually had to wait long so can’t really complain.

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We had a double room here for $68 (NZ) a night and it was one of the loveliest rooms I have stayed in.

I really loved the friendliness of the staff and the personal tour around. I wasn’t impressed with the communal space or the atmosphere created by the permanent residents. It was a lovely place with beautiful views of the mountains and cheap prices however if you are looking to meet others and have some space you could probably find somewhere better in town.signature

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