Milford Sound On A Rainy Day – Photo Essay

Milford Sound On A Rainy Day – Photo Essay

We headed out to Milford Sound on a wintry August day with the Kiwi Experience Milford Explorer bus, the trip is action packed as there is so much to cram in to one day. However it is still totally worth it, I came away from the day with hundreds of photos and even more memories I didn’t capture on camera like seeing the penguins.

Before we hit the National Park we had a short stop in Te Anau, the views just provided us with a taste of what was to come.IMG_5215 EDIT 2Driving in to the park, this was our first views of this incredible National Park.

IMG_5224 EDIT 2

We found ourselves heading to Milford Sound on a typically rainy day, when I realised this weather was set in for the day I was gutted. I had been dreaming of the beautiful mirror reflection images which are sprawled all over brochures and such. I wasn’t going to be able to capture such images but soon learnt that not many people do as 2/3 days are like this.
IMG_5309 EDIT 2

It wasn’t all doom and gloom however as the whole park was covered in waterfalls which only appear during a rainstorm. The further we cruised around the more waterfalls we could see, I swear as you looked at the landscape more and more were appearing before our eyes.

IMG_5381 EDIT 2 IMG_5367 EDIT 2 IMG_5361 EDIT 2 IMG_5350 EDIT 2 IMG_5345 EDIT 2 IMG_5335 EDIT 2

The waterfalls were a prominent feature of the day, and as the rain poured so did the water down all of the surrounding cliffs. I found myself not able to take my eyes off the landscape it fear I might miss something. During the cruise I seriously struggled with the rain and waterfalls hitting my camera lens and body. Luckily I was able to protect my body with a carrier bag – thanks Lonely Planet Travel Photography for that awesome tip – unfortunately I couldn’t protect the lens. This meant I was either constantly wiping the lens or having photos covered in rain drops.

IMG_5403 EDIT 2 IMG_5537 EDIT 2IMG_5326 EDIT 2The whole valley was full of low lying cloud that seemed to hug the mountains as if its life depended on it. This created such a dramatic landscape and gave more definition to the otherwise very grey sky. As we headed back in to the harbour there was a tiny break in the cloud and the sun really tried to shine through. Unfortunately no matter how hard the sun tried it couldn’t break the cloud nor did our tour allow enough time to wait around and see what the sun could do. I was disappointed about this to say the least but upon looking back at my photos, I’m happy with the results.

IMG_5603 EDIT 2 IMG_5589 EDIT 2 IMG_5583 EDIT 2 IMG_5626 EDIT 2The drive out of the park is along the same road that you come in on, therefore there isn’t anywhere new to stop. However it certainly didn’t make the drive boring, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the landscape as it quickly changed minute by minute with the sun peeking out and then disappearing again. IMG_5640 EDIT 2 IMG_5644 EDIT 2

Milford Sound was beautiful despite having a rainy day while we were there, I would love a chance to go back on a sunny day but glad that I still took the opportunity to go on this rainy day rather than not bothering.

Have you been to Milford Sound? What was your weather like?


  1. 7th January 2014 / 9:02 pm

    This place looks amazing – kinda reminds me of Jurassic Park haha! Despite the weather, you still got some really good pics! 🙂

  2. 8th January 2014 / 9:23 am

    Jodie, awesome photos! Even though it was overcast, it gives a mystifying feel you everything. A place I’d imagine King Arthur hiding out 😛 anyway, found you on Backpacks and Bunks top 10 bloggers to follow and just wanted to say great work!

  3. 8th January 2014 / 11:24 am

    You’ve got some lovely photos of the sun breaking through. I had a similar experience with the weather a few years ago. It was so windy!

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