Olympus Impressions – A Master Class in Glasgow

Olympus Impressions – A Master Class in Glasgow

Last weekend I was invited by the guys at Yomego to attend the Olympus Impressions Fall Master Class in the city of Glasgow. I wasn’t really sure what I was in for when I signed up for the afternoon but getting to try some of the new Olympus cameras was always going to be good whatever happened. I am a Canon user through and through so getting to try and new brand and something much smaller in size was a great experience.

I have loved photography for years and even studied the subject for three years, but recently the only photographs I have been taking are travel ones and mostly landscapes at that. So to be part of a ‘fall master class’ was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon in Glasgow.

photo (1)

I arrived at the South Block building and was greeted by the friendly guys of Yomego who ushered us in out of the rain, made us tea and offered us some of the lovely food they had on offer. The first session had just finished so we hung around for a while eating food and checking out the pictures displayed around the walls – all of course taken on Olympus cameras. Next we headed over to the Olympus table and got ourselves a camera to try for the afternoon. I had the OM-D E-M5 with a 45mm lens and my boyfriend tried the Pen E-P5 with a 75 mm lens. The Olympus rep tried to match us up best with our own cameras so we had something similar, I however chose a more basic camera to my own 550D Canon.


My OM-D E-M5

Pen E-P5

Pen E-P5

We started off by introducing ourselves around the group and telling each other about the camera we were choosing to try out. After that was over we headed upstairs to the area they had set up for the photo shoot. They had two gorgeous and friendly models (Emily & Abby) for the occasion along with photographer Neil Buchan-Grant. There was also a guy helping to set up the shots, placing models and items for the scene – unfortunately I didn’t get his name but he did a great job helping with where to place the models. Neil was a great help for telling us where to stand depending on what lens we had on our camera, where the light was coming from and what ISO setting we should be on. My only complaint would be the two guys didn’t work great together and kept contradicting each other.


It was a pure fashion shoot and I had so much fun. It reminded me of why I love photography and the days of A-level classes where we would set up our fashion shoots. The whole photo shoot lasted for about an hour, with a chance to shoot inside and outside. They had several props for the inside: fairy lights, sofas & leaves and outside was a typical urban setting with no props.


All in all it was a great afternoon, they had really thought about the event and there was a good selection of people there. The Olympus rep gave great advice about the camera/settings and the whole photo shoot was a great success. They had it set up so the whole group (10-15) could get in to the scene and shoot at the same time which was brilliant. Afterwards we had the chance to go through our photos and upload them to the Olympus Impressions competition.

All photos were taken by me at the event, keep your eyes peeled for more photographs of the shoot. Have you attended a similar event? What did you think?

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